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the undead skeleton

Slightly taller than average human skeleton, dresses like my standard avatar(silver cloak lined with red, gold headband, leather gloves and boots). When in combat, wears a shoulder mounted rocket launcher ala DOOM revenants( to prevent himself from being total chaingun fodder. Not very effective in combat, he's still damn hard to destroy totally and will come back with a snappy retort even while sitting there as a bodyless skull...(it's happened in another PFF)
Personality wise, he's the guy who's always making annoying comments while working, is good at twisting words, and can be alternately a jerk and a great guy to be around. Likes helping people with problems, even when it's not such a great idea. He's skilled with computers, and is good at editing photographs and other files without people realising, and enjoys special effects almost as much as witty one liners... His major weakness other than general wimpiness is that, though damnable hard to kill, RESPAWN doesn't help him much, being undead.

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