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the martial artist

Appearance: 5'10 1/2" tall, 150 pounds. Dark brown hair, about to the back of his neck in back. Hazel eyes that change color with literally anything and everything, and sometimes for nothing. Wears clothing that is comfortable and functional, hates dressing up. Most common dress? Jeans and a t-shirt, with a hooded sweatshirt if it's cold or raining.(If a fantasy thread, just choose appropriate clothing for the time period... same if a futuristic one).

Alignment: What alignment? No, seriously, what alignment? Hates society, loves individuality and creative expression. Is really rather evil, but is also a nice guy.

Skills/Abilities: Martial arts training, very skilled in close quarters combat situations. Skilled in the use of conventional weaponry, melee, ranged, and explosive, and a very good shot. "Anything and everything around me can be used as a weapon" is his motto. A very good strategist.

Adept in the ways of The Word(a power like The Force from Star Wars). Capable of converting himself to a being of pure energy, where he's incapable of affecting the physical world (capable of speaking and watching but not physically interacting) which allows him to do things such as wander through walls in that form.

Armor/Weaponry: No inherent or magically created weaponry or any kind of personal armor or weapons. Gets by with what he can get his hands on. If he knows something's gonna happen, he'll try to get ahold of some kind of protective gear and weaponry, any way he can, whether it be from an armory, a gun shop, or from the bodies of those who've died. Has been known to stockpile any extra ammo or weaponry after the job he procured it for is done.

Disposition: Bitter, cynical, jaded, sarcastic smartass with an attitude. Leadership by example is the only leadership he respects. He does not abide by double standards, or "do as I say, not as I do" behavior. He does attempt to lead by example himself, and will not ask anyone to do anything he's unwilling to do himself. As such, he rarely requests help unless it is absolutely necessary, and often takes the most difficult and dangerous tasks upon himself. Prefers to attempt to resolve situations without violence if possible, but is ready, willing, and able to use force if necessary.

Miscellaneous: Very healthy. Doesn't eat sweets or fried foods, and doesn't drink sodas. Mainly drinks water, milk(regular or chocolate), chocolate soy milk, and fruit juices. Exercises daily, routine consists of crunches, situps, pushups, running, jumping jacks, and going at the punching bag. Every other day, lifts weights. Loves weaponry. Brainwarps over weaponry sometimes, when more pressing things aren't there to distract him. Has been called "A friggin saint with a weapons fetish". When he gets very upset, whether 'upset' is angry, annoyed, or stressed out, his right eye twitches.

Has been accused of being a Dhampir by The Dagda(responds to these accusations by saying "Hey! Those accusations were never proven!"). Occasionally gets into discussions with Dag about dealings with other deities(ranging from soul trading with the Cenobites to dating a Greek Goddess, to practical jokes on Poseidon).

One of the key figures of CPI, Crazyfurries' Porn Inc. The position allows him a great deal of leeway in financial matters(CPI's finances rival Hazel's).

Associations: No faction association, chooses to stay out of the official arguments. Considers the following boardies to be friends(and he is very protective of his friends). Roscoe, crazyfurries, Jordanis Jackal, Jeff Lionheart, Mai-Li Holland, Shenalia, Coyotegirl, Vampyress, Jennet, CAS, CrusherJoe, Flax, Laundreu, Thaqui, soleta, Bob/Yin-Tzu, Skane, Saist, Loweko, The Dagda and CajunFox. (And Goddess help anyone who harms any of his friends...)
Also, has taken Einar under his wing and attempting to help him adapt to being a boardie, and to expected behaviors, and inappropriate ones.

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