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the agile apprentice with the satchel

Appearance: Medium-sized teenage female. Long blondish hair, often braided or in a ponytail. Wears jeans and T-shirts. Always carries a leather (or leather-like stuff) satchel with her. Not obviously armed. Small white lights (dubbed 'orbitals') constantly orbit her head.

Battle: She isn't very good in any kind of combat situation. Recently she's been attempting to make up for this by practicing martial arts in the sparring area of the Funky Horror, but she still couldn't defeat the average overpowered Boardie in hand-to-hand combat. She carries a pistol which she can aim fairly well but doesn't know much about, and can retrieve many sorts of weapons which she isn't terribly proficient in from her satchel. She is, however, fairly agile and has quick reflexes (if not on the April level) which helps in dodging.

Magic: She has learned a few small cantrips from various Boardie mages- light spells, weak healing (more on the 'paper cut' healing level than the 'disemboweled' one, really) and so on.

Stuff: The pistol, a dagger engraved with Celtic knots, and whatever she can get from her satchel. The satchel ranges freely in power from an unlimited, Hammerspace-type container capable of holding elephants and grand pianos, all the way down to an ordinary, if rather well-stocked, satchel depending mostly on what's convenient for whoever's using her persona.

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