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  • Player: Alex
  • Name: King Alexander Dheraz
  • Species or Race: Ageless Marshmallow?
  • Gender: Marshmallow
  • Age: Appears to be in his early 20’s but constantly references occurrences from as long ago as the 1960’s such as "that dagnabit rabbit!"
  • Height: 5’ 7”
  • Weight: 130 lbs
  • Hair color: Brown
  • Eye color: Submarine
  • Occupation: King of Marshmallow Land
  • Alignment: Party-Neutral
  • Strengths: Alex displays boundless amounts of energy, a long lasting capacity for comedy and a surprising amount going on up inside his head. He loves tinkering, but while he can take anything apart in under ten minutes, however, can never put it back together. He is rumored to wield his scepter quite deftly, and it is speculated that the marshmallow topping it hides a spear point. However, Alex is very easily distracted or misdirected; in addition, his energy can sometimes turn to zeal leading him to go overboard in some pursuits. It is unknown whether or not with the great responcibility of ruling a kingdom, Alex also gains great power...
  • Weaknesses: S'mores/ Campfires
  • Special Powers and Skills: Rumored: Combat Training, Extensive Staff/Spear Combat Training
  • Weaponry: Scepter/Spear?, Subtle Wit.
  • Equipment: While most depictions show him to wear a long Cloak or Robe as well as a crown, Alex has never been seen actually wearing these items. He dresses casually and only carries what will fit in his pockets as well as his Staff
  • Likes: People, Conversation, Shiny, Tinkering, Parties, Making people laugh, Randomness, Thinking of unusual ways to do things.
  • Dislikes: Anger, Boredom, Pain, Peeps, Routine, Menial Tasks


Alex is believed to have been born quite some time ago, as it seems he remembers the 60’s. According to some recently unearthed texts, he, being the Heir to the Marshmallow Kingdom was likely the son of Theodore Roosevelt, and that he has no living direct relations. Regardless of whether or not Theodore Roosevelt was his father, Alex displays many similarities to the late, great, president. Most importantly, he rises to challenges with the same mountainous amount of energy and conviction. Alex went to college at the same Liberal Arts School as Euphrosyne, and upon meeting her, immediately took to her. But not in the way a man normally takes to a woman. After weeks upon months of playful badgering, she was finally convinced, and adopted Alex as a brother. Upon adoption, Euphrosyne was appointed Marquis of Marshmallow Kingdom, Macdjord, royal concubine, and Alex’s new nephew, Remnant, Duke. Alex is constantly out to make more friends and expand his family, anything from a son, to a brother, to a wife is welcome. Alex tends to act like he is not a king, he would much rather just have a good conversation with some friends, that fill out paperwork all day. However, while he acts, and interacts like a normal person, when neccesary, he is more than willing to take advantage of or take care of his holdings.

On Marshmallow Kingdom

While most residents of the kingdom believe in magic, there are a few who don’t. These few nonbelievers have obviously never left the kingdoms boundaries, for if they had, they would have a hard time explaining how the whole kingdom literally moves from place to place. Indeed, Marshmallow Kingdom could at one time, be anywhere from Antarctica to Mexico or halfway in between. As of now, if any of the residents have been able to discern a pattern they have not let it become known.

The kingdoms mobility generally makes it hard to find, explaining why most of the world has never heard of it. In fact, the kingdoms mobility also explains its odd choice of government. Up to this point, the King or Queen of Marshmallow Kingdom has been a benevolent ruler, so kind and so popular, that as a joke, they have elections every year and the incumbent candidate always wins uncontested. The elections have rather turned into an excuse to throw a large party. However, behind all of the jokes and pranks, there is a more serious reason why the monarchy exists.

The King or Queen is seemingly gifted with the ability to control the location of Marshmallow Kingdom. While most of the time, it is left to its own devices, they are the only ones who can ensure that the Kingdom is at the address supplies are shipped to when they arrive, and the ones that ensure it never pops up in the middle of a city or near any major residences. In addition, because of this, it is necessary that they accompany any expedition outside of the Kingdom, whether it is a visit to Disney world, or something more confrontational to ensure that those who left can find their way back. Resulting from this responsibility, it is the Kings and Queens generally have to be good natured and helpful, experienced in diplomacy as well as combat and combat tactics, and very Knowledgeable.

Generally this ability which is believed to be magic is inherited. However, on rare occasion, children have been discovered with the talent. Such a discovery inevitably means that the current ruler will sadly, die childless or even worse, that their children will not survive long enough to assume power. Because of this, the ascension to the throne is known by a small council, and kept secret from all, even those in power so as not to impair their judgment. The members of this council are believed to also have been granted a small share of this magical ability as it is necessary for a successor to the throne to have outside education whether already royalty or not.

While the reason for Marshmallow Kingdom’s name is unknown, there are a few rumors. The most prevalent is that the magic of the land is extracted from or at least based off of marshmallows. Which seems unlikely, but then again, so do a lot of things. A more down to earth reason would be because it is believed that the Marshmallow was invented there and it is also their main export. In truth, there is magic behind the madness, but also method. Think about it, how many things besides Marshmallows get BETTER when you put them in a fire? How many other objects can accept the added ENERGY? Not many. That is because Marshmallows in their purified form are energy and magic storage or conduit systems. Marshmallow Kingdom was as stated, the location where Marshmallows were first discovered in their true form. You can imagine the rest, is it Atlantis? is it El Dorado? Marshmallow Kingdom has been located in the rumored locations of some of these cities of fable at times, and it holds within it a fairly significant secret.

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