Amadeus "Rusty" Eisenhart

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The AntiCultist

Real name: Amadeus Russel (Rusty) Eisenhart

Alias': Clockwork Soldier; Crimson Ace; Alexander Quick; Felix Dramern

Age: 23
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5 feet 11 inches
Appearance: Denim pants, white t-shirt, leather bomber jacket when off duty, FLEET Marine Corp uniform when on duty. Alignment: FLEET Marine Corp, The Board, various criminal organizations on earth including the Green family
Quote: "The ends justify the means"

Weapons: Whatever he can haul out of the FLEET Marine Corp armory, but most often something with the words "magnetic acceleration" in the title. When off-duty he carries a 10mm automatic SIG-Sauer.

History: After spending some time working for the Green Family back on earth, Rusty fell in with the Board and began to work the jobs no-one wanted- Occult Suppression, working with the very worst humanity had to offer. It was the job with the highest burn-out rate, and eventually Rusty burned out. After recuperating, Eisenhart joined the FLEET Marine Corp and attended Senior NCO school, after which he attained the rank of Gunnery Sergeant. He currently aspires towards a commission with the FLEET.

Atributes: After joining the service of Hazel Green, Eisenhart tooke part in a number of "human enhancement" trial for a biomedical company owned by the green family. As a result, he has quite a few alteratiosn to his physiology. Most of them are cybernatic in nature, but some are not. Rusty Has a skull as thick as armored plate and much denser than normal, two hearts (if the synthetic pump in his abdomen can be called a heart), several backup organs in addition the ones most people have, and a few most people don't. In addition, skeletal and muscular reinforcement give him more strength than normal, as well as allowing him to take a more-than-average amount of damage. This, in addition to his standard FLEET Marine Corp enhancements, have made him into a sort of human tank- immensely strong and durable, even without armor. His POST, as well as some other computer equipment, is sequestered in various areas of his anatomy. his communiations equipment is centered around his ears, his right eye has been enhanced and his left can be replaced with various pakage, and he can plug various AI packages into a computer in his pelvis. Don't ask where the data port is.

Rusty is sometimes laid back, sometimes very intense. Not afraid to be the first to resort to violence, and enjoys a good barroom brawl. Often impulsive, and hates the forces of evil with an unparalelled passion, and has been known to go to extremes some would deem unnescessary in the name of prosectuing evil.

Hobbies: target shooting, demolitions, car racing.

Likes: hot dogs, hard drinks, fighting, serving the Goddess as her instrument of divine revenge against the foul, soulless hellspawn of Satan.

Dislikes: Evil. Currently, he works for the FLEET Marine Corp as a senior NCO in charge of a company of STRIKE Marines. These specialised troops are the first FLEET response to any situation requiring military force. They are usually deployed via drop pods from the Funky Horror.

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