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Fleetlogo.gif This page contains information copied or paraphrased from the OCD FLEET site.

M-15E Amazon Support Vehicle

Dimensions: 7.3m x 2.4m x 2.7m
Powerplant: 1 x Micro-Fusion Bottle
Propulsion: 8 x Michilen RT-365 Spherical Tires
Crew: 2 - Driver and TC. Up to 24 passengers.
Armament: Varies. Standard "Mechanised Infantry Combat" versions carry: 1 x 120mm Deeplight Cannon, 1 x Heavy Plasma Tribarrel OR 2 Heavy Quadbarrel Powerguns. 3 APFC belts around chassis.

An old design, crammed full of upgrades and still going, the Amazon "battlebus" has seen service everywhere from Mexico to Tibet and back again - and hasn't quit yet. Amazons prowl the perimeter of Acanceh, haunt the ruins of Mohaborad, and a few even stalk the seabed around Nemo as maintenance units.

With modern air traffic control networks now omnipresent, the Board has had to accept it can't throw its massive air power around quite as casually as it would like. After all, RADAR stealth and so on is all very well, but all it takes is one blown fuse (or one idiot lobbing fireballs) to light you up like a proverbial Christmas tree and really upset NORAD. Hence, the Amazon - a heavy-duty APC and general equipment hauler. Put simply they are a rugged all-terrain transport vehicle with a hundred different loadouts. If you leave the turret off, it is just sane enough to not turn heads rolling down city streets.

Well, many heads. You'll need the PSIOPS version with the Somebody-Else's-Problem meme emitters if you want to use it to haul artillery.

Regarded as an old warhorse by most Boardies (and therefore "tried, true, and far better than any newfangled stuff" by the oldbies...and "dude, it doesn't even fly! Useless!" by the newbs), Amazons are a common sight in Board equipment bays and vehicle parks, and dozens of them have been "seeded" in hidden caches around areas the Board anticipate trouble. Chase a Boardie down the wrong alley, and you may suddenly find (s)he has acquired Wheels. Operations dream of the day they can ambush a certain black convertable with a few Amazons...

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