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  • whew* Long discription... methinks maybe I play D&D a bit too much...

* Name: AntiDragon (Originally Erakanus)

* Species or Race: Dragon of the Drekregar clan. (Ruby hide Clan)

* Gender: Male

* Age: 51 (Teenage by Dragon standards.)

* Height: 9 feet while standing upright.

* Weight: 300 pounds and growing

* Hair color: None (Amber Scales) a Black/Grey crest of spines adorn the top of his skull.

* Eye color: Gold, with vertical pupil

* Occupation: Technically a mercenary, but don't use that word in front of him. Claiming sanctuary from old rivals, he does whatever he can for his adopted brood. His services are often in the form of what Red Dragons do best.

* Characteristic quote:

"Sympathy for evil is the ultimate weapon against it."

"You would think that demons would be less flammable, with their exposure to brimstone and all."

* Alignment:

Good and very compassionate, but sarcastic, rash, and stubborn. Though he would gladly give his soul for any one of the boardies, he would be equally quick to point out a "flaw" in their reasoning.

* Strengths/Weaknesses:

like any dragon, Antidragon has razor claws (6 in. long), and a powerful jaw capable of applying the pressure of half a ton. He is also of the dragon variety they can breathe fire. (But only after eating) Because of his youth, he is also faster and more maneuverable than an adult dragon. His scales have not hardened into armor yet, so he is still vulnerable. He has used his wings to gain the upper hand in many a battle, and they haven't failed him yet.

Personality wise, Antidragon has great strength of character, with one exception. He is practically obsessed with precious gems, or gold of any type; a typical vice for many dragons. He is also sarcastic and self justified, sometimes giving himself an arrogant reputation. However, he would gladly give everything he has to save a friend in need, and harbors a deep hatered for those who serve only themselves.

He is very poor at manipulation, though he would never do so if he had a choice.

* Special Powers and Skills:

Antidragon has fought the legions of hell in numerous skirmishes, employing traditional Drekregar melee tactics against the Demons. He believes that if you're going to take a life (or what a demon would consider as his “life”) then you can't do it in a crude or careless way; it needs to be an art. He does not rely on magic so much, as he believes the Demons could manipulate it to work against him, and focuses this technique more on hit and fade brawling, a technique his wings give him an awesome advantage for.

* Weaponry:

He IS a weapon. Although still just a teenager to his kind, he is more than deadly enough for your average foe. He can also fire a gun if the situation demands, and often carries two rifles into battle strapped across his back. (One for each hand, with modified grips.) He still prefers melee though.

* Equipment:

Anything on hand. Although he travels with only himself, he rarely misses the opportunity to make use of convenient technology. Not that he's good at it...

* Likes:

Anyone who willingly sacrifices for someone else. Meat lover’s pizza. His friends. Video games. Spurring discussion. Burning calories with intense pastimes. Bashing something hard with a lead pipe. (It’s surprisingly therapeutic) Amassing a horde of wealth to sleep upon. (A reoccurring natural urge for Red dragons; one he has not been able to suppress)

* Dislikes:

Coffee. Alcohol. Incompetence. References to his heritage. References to an... "incident" that happened when he was 39. Loud noises that last for more than half an hour. Mad rap. Untenable situations. Cruelty. Taking advantage of anyone. Michael Green. Also, stealing from his horde of wealth has a tendency to piss him off to no end.


Unlike Dexam, who came from a different dimension, and StarDrake who hails from the wise and benevolent bronze clan, Antidragon was born into the ruthless and brutal Drekregar Clan, literally translated as “Ruby Hide”. The Drekregar have a proud and royal lineage, and while completely alienated by most clans, they still consider themselves superior. Having no qualms about cruelty, they often indulging in it as a sign of dominance.

One such brutal tradition is the way they treat their young. Once a clutch of eggs hatch, the Drakelings are starved to the point where they devour their own siblings.(In order to "sort out" the weak ones.) In one such birthing, two brothers who had fought themselves to draw. Intrigued by this, the parents allowed them to grow before forcing them to fight again. Although the the adults assumed that the two would be mortal enemies, the brothers had actually earned each others' grudging respect. When they found out that they were the only ones that gave a shit about each other, they formed a bond. And then their father told them that one had to kill the other or both would die.

With no alternative, the brothers fought, and one was slaughtered. The survivor was named Erakinus, and was viewed by many to have great potential. But rather than becoming ruthless, as most assumed, the victor became bitter and distasteful towards cruelty. When his father showed him the finer points in dominance through power, he was further reminded of his slaughtered brother.

Finally, one day, he snapped. With a rashness that only teenagers are capable of, the angst filled Erakinus made a sudden and full rebellion against his clan. He went AWOL and practically disappeared under everyone's noses, but not before he ceremoniously changed his name to AntiDragon as a blatant insult to his uber traditional father.

What Antidragon underestimated though was just how… upset… his clan would become. Less than a day later, he had roughly 100 draconic juggernauts snapping at his heels and no place to hide. With the world largely ignorant of dragons, he was on his own. But with dozens of 50 foot mythological beasts going on a warpath, somebody was bound to notice… FLEET in particular.

In an act of extreme charity that bordered on insanity, the crew of the Funky Horror granted Antidragon Sanctuary. And nobody but nobody pisses off that many dragons half assed. Their exact motives were unknown. While many believe it was charity, others think it was a chance to test out the newly dubbed “Organic defiler” Cannon that had just came out of production. Remarkably, there was no conflict. With such a high infant mortality rate, the Drekregar clan could not afford to suffer large casualties, and the high-minded reptiles would never dream of throwing away their life to kill of a piece of “Trash”. Still, everyone underestimated just how deep a grudge Antidragon's father could hold…

The depth of the risk everyone had taken to save his life was in no way lost on the young Dragon and his loyalty and friendship towards the board became complete. He does not fight the demons because it is his pleasure, or because he believes that the legions of hell require all that much suppression.

He fights because his friends need his help.

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