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Fleetlogo.gif This page contains information copied or paraphrased from the OCD FLEET site.

April Sommers

April is possibly the only member of this list who couldn't get picked out of a lineup as obviously weird. Medium height, medium build, and abundantly blonde, until recently April's main claim to "fame" was usually either getting caught up in events, or helping clean up after them. Her level-headed, no-nonsense attitude was refreshing, in light of the general chaos surrounding her...odd...choice of friends. However, new data coming to light is beginning to cast doubt on such happy hypotheses.

For all her facade of normality, April had a decidedly bizarre childhood. Born into the close-knit community of a travelling carnival in the American Midwest, her early years were spent in the inevitable training regimen, building her dexterity and motor co-ordination as early as possible. It appears both state law and her parents encouraged her to gain as much conventional schooling as possible, but April was never happy with the mundane world, understandably preferring the community of her birth.

It was as her career as a performer began that the first serious question-mark was raised over April's life – an incident during a magic trick. Fleeing the aftermath, and apparently enraged by the unquestioning nature of her family and friends, April abandoned as much of her heritage as possible and enrolled at college. Although the rift has apparently healed over time, she still distrusts her parents and former colleagues.

Despite her past, April's academic life has continued apace – she was swept up in the Tokyo Incident (but then so was the entire global population), walked out of the Adversary Disaster relatively unscathed, and her apparent abduction as a would-be sacrifice for Fin Groot Taboo seems to have had no ulterior motive beyond her unfortunately meeting the requirements for the spell. Of minor note have been apparent attraction to Paul, brother of Diana, and an interesting incident where a car wash apparently waxed her hair into near-divine beauty. Weird Science have reverse-engineered the wash cycle and her follicle chemistry, and are considering requesting her signature on a patent for it.

However, ever since the still-unexplained hallucinogenic gas outbreak at a campus chemistry lab, April's mental state has begun to decline. She has begun to exhibit the highly uncharacteristic traits of jealousy, furtiveness, and near-outright sadism, apparently linked to unrequited love for Michael Green, her roommate's boyfriend. This has already cost her Marsha's friendship and Margaret's trust, the latter, ever paranoid and seeing the hand of her dark patron in all things, convinced she has been possessed.

Speculation remain unconvinced, but still wish a number of questions answered – firstly, what exactly was the nature of the Incident that ended her career? Secondly, are her current mood shifts merely the outbursts of a broken heart or something more sinister? And finally, was her family's carnival connected to the one Dave took Margaret to on his ill-fated date, in which case would she prefer nuclear, biological, or chemical warheads?

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