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the quiet space-time-dimensional traveller

Human male, last time he checked Appearance: 6', 210 lbs., very broad shoulders, black hair and brown eyes. Tends to wear long coats and hats with a brim he can pull low over his eyes. He knows it's not that original, but likes the look anyway.
Alignment: Chaotic good, more or less. Most days.
Background: Not much. Showed up a short time ago from parts unknown, and has just sort of hung out since. A natural dimension and time traveler, he's been kicking around the multiverse more or less at random for a while now, and has seen a lot of things. He's decided to stick around here because there seems to be more concentrated and amusing strangeness here than anywhere else he's been before. Not in any way, shape, or form related to the possible Archer in the comic.
Personality: Quiet, mostly. Private. Likes the role of an observer. Takes very few things seriously. A lover of the unusual and the absurd. Personally a touch detached and cynical, but tends to root for the romantic and the underdog. He's rational and polite, can even be chivalric when the mood takes him, but is willing to make exceptions. Hates bullies.
Powers: Has the natural if not entirely predictable ability to move quietly and undramatically through space, time, and alternate realities. Doesn't do it too often, because he doesn't know how it works and is afraid he'll screw it up if he asks. He has noticed it works much better for entrances than escapes.
Other than that, is fairly good at not being noticed, has a near-perfect memory for random, esoteric, and plain useless facts, and has what he's been told is a really evil-sounding laugh. He doesn't understand why people say that last part. Weapons & Stuff: When he needs weapons, he usually carries a couple of .45 revolvers he picked up somewhere and a Minbari fighting pike he picked up somewhere else (mostly because he likes the sound it makes), and is also a student of various martial arts. (Hey, he's generally a peaceful guy, but he's noticed this can be a tough neighborhood.) He's pretty pragmatic, though, and will use whatever he needs to get the jon done. If he doesn't have what he needs, he can just skip over to a universe where they have it and come back. Just picked himself up a budget lair under an abandoned factory in upstate New York.
Weaknesses: Has an unusual relationship with space and time, even when he's not using his powers. Sometimes, this results in him arriving at his destination much sooner than was physically possible, but more often he ends up hopelessly lost, hopelessly late, or both. A bit lazy, and can be antisocial. A danger to himself and others on the dance floor. Mildly allergic to cats.

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