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the military officer

Any WarQuest Thread:

Arelon is your ordinary human, decked out in an average military uniform ( green or gray ) or optionally a suit and a black trenchcoat. For protection, there's a Crisat vest and helmet.

Appearance-wise, he has short, blond hair, green eyes and a light complexion. He stands about 178cm tall and weights about 57kg.

He usually carries a Fiveseven and a P90, although other pistols like P226s, Desert Eagles and Berettas aren't unfamiliar. Of course he carries some grenades and a knife with him, but more often than not they're not needed.

If the mission calls for long-range fire, he might be carrying a sniper rifle or something like an AUG.

Arelon is an officer in the JHSF[1], and he carries a device capable of interstellar communication within the Fleet.

Of course, being an ordinary human has its drawbacks, like being rather vulnerable to any weaponry, be it projectile or energy.

On the other hand, he is known for his calmness, cool lines and incapability of panic.

[1] Juuso Heimonen's Space Fleet

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