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Name: To you, Aura will do

Species or race: Elemental

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Height: I can be any size, but in a humanoid form, I'm pushing 6'

Weight: 170 lbs

Build: Athletic/Muscular

Hair Color: Jet Black

Eye Color: Blue or a REALLY dark brown, depending on when you see me

Occupation: Survival

Alignment: Straigh....wait, thats not what your asking, is it?

Characteristic Quote: *grunt*

Strengths: Mastery of Earth, Acrobatic, 2nd degree black belt, smarts

Weaknesses: Wind, nuclear weapons, working in groups, shyness, bacon

Special Powers and Skills: Im an Elemental, with Mastery of Earth. Because of this, I'm nearly impossible to kill, unless you want to destroy the world. As a result of my unique connection with the Earth, I share a similar bond between animals, which allows me to shapeshift into any creature I see fit, though a prefer the form of the Black Panther. I also can augment myself with specific characteristics or appendages of an animal (i.e: Wings, strength of an Ox, Vitality of a horse, etc.). For defense, I can create an exo-skeleton of stone or diamond around myself (or others) which negates completely or takes the blunt of any physical attack. I get stronger when combined with fire, creating new abilities, of which I have no knowledge of, since I need the Fire elemental to initiate it. Finally, I have complete control over the Earth beneath our feet, and I can do anything from raise or flatten a hill to move the tectonic plates (moving the plates takes a while). I'm a good guy to know.

Weapons/equipment: Dont really need any, but I like to carry a knife anyway

Likes: Adrenaline rushes, redheads, sugar, scuba diving, tumbling

Dislikes: Hunting, Bacon, Tom Cruise, scary movies

Wants to try: Sky-diving, Base-Jumping, Surfing

History: Not much, only thing I do is look for the other three elementals (Wind, Water, Fire). Iv'e yet to find one.

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