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Player: Roadkiller

Name: Barithen, Master of Blades

Species or Race: Unknown

Gender: Male(ish)

Age: He’s immortal and doesn’t remember his creation. OLD! (30k-40k years old)

Height: 6’0”

Weight: 84 lbs

Hair color: Reflective silver

Eye color: Mirrored

Occupation: He no longer remembers his original purpose. OLD!

Alignment: He works for the betterment of the world as a whole. He hates killing, but often finds it necessary to do so. His respect for authority and government is little, but he will instate it upon others to help them. He has a love which he can no longer remember, except for the vaguest feelings, and would do nearly anything to get information about it and how to get it back. Neutral Good in DnD terms.

Characteristic quote: “I’ve wandered this Earth since before the Revival, before the Roman Empire, before the Greeks, before Damascus and before the thought of settled life was even an idea, but I still wait and wander to find my love again.”

Strengths: Barithen’s strengths lie in his knowledge, skill and experience. Being immortal with magic powers out the proverbial wazoo doesn’t hurt either.

Weaknesses: Barithen’s body is quite weak and will quite easily shut down temporarily by any damage. The first mention of his forgotten love in an encounter sets him mentally off balance, disrupting the connection with his blades for a moment. Later tauntings make him extremely angry. He will do nearly anything to get back to it or even know what it was.

Special Powers and Skills: Barithen has an unusual magical connection with blades, mostly swords and knives. After slaying an evil creature, Barithen will often perform a ritual to bind the creature’s soul to a blade and to Barithen himself. This brings a life to the weapon and forces it to do Barithen’s bidding. The ritual also gives the weapons the ability to move independently and regenerate when damaged. He can also extend his senses to the blades to see and hear through them. The weapons themselves retain the minds and personalities of those bound to them. They usually end up sparring with each other to pass the time. Barithen can release a soul, usually those that had asked to be bounds, whenever he wants. For the time that Barithen's body is shut down, the weapons also lose their life. The life returns once Barithen's body had been repaired.

Barithen, as a true immortal, never actually dies. His body does, however, shut down temporarily when faced with relatively little damage. He quickly regenerates the damage done. This allows him to survive without food, drink or, if necessary, breathing.

Barithen also has a large number of spells, though most of them require him to be in possession of the target’s blood to be used with full effect.

Weaponry: Swords, knives, daggers and even axes that are controlled remotely. Barithen usually carries two or three unenchanted swords to use if an enemy has no worthy weapon of their own.

Equipment: He carries very little with him other than his weapons. The only reason he wears clothing is that he disturbs enough people as it is. He does, however carry a small bag with a few glass or ceramic vials (depending on the time period) and tabs of a liquid absorbent materials appropriate for the time period. The tabs have blood of friends and people who may be a danger in the future.

Likes: The world. The good creatures living on it.

Dislikes: Firearms and most other modern weaponry. Evil/cruel people. Those who bother him about his forgotten love.

Appearance: Barithen’s appearance is not quite horrifying, but definitely disturbing. He looks like he might have once resembled a paragon of male humans, but now appears as if he should be dead of starvation and dehydration. His body regenerates quickly enough to allow him to ignore most of the effects of his malnutrition, but his body has become extremely fragile. His hair appears to be tiny strands of steel, but have the texture of hair, albeit unhealthy, due to his lack of eating. His eyes are one of his more unnerving features. They are completely mirrored, and, while there are no distinguishable pupils or irises, one can still, quite unnervingly, tell where he is looking.

History: Barithen is an immortal being created by an ancient, forgotten god. He once had a purpose, but he forgot what it was. He believes that his purpose had been accomplished. By the time the task was accomplished, he seems to remember, his god was all but forgotten by the mortals. His god was drained and unable to unmake him. His god was dead soon afterward.

He knows that through that time, he also had a love which survived even after his god’s death. He remembers that something forced him to leave his love, but not what. He no longer remembers what it was that he loved, nor does he remember where he had lived before he began traveling. This brings him great pain, and because of it he has stopped partaking in any pleasures such as eating or drinking.

Personality: Personality-wise, Barithen is not a happy person. He is downright glum most of the time, but, when he is excited, he can be quite pleasant to be around. Unfortunately, he is very rarely excited about anything except the possibility of discovering his forgotten love. He is helpful to those in need, though he feels very little emotion about it. He does, however, feel a great hatred towards those that are cruel and evil.

He has a particular disdain for modern weaponry, as its only use is to kill. Axes, knives and even swords can be turned to peaceful uses, at least in his mind. Theoretically, he could bind a person to a gun, but he absolutely refuses to.

He has yet to be introduced into the boardie world, but likely will be in the next warthread. It depends on the levels of power set in the particular thread.

What Barithen has forgotten ahead

-Look at your own annoyance.

-Congratulations if you can

-put two and two together

-to realize what Lythni is.

-It's related to popular

-mythology, for those of you

-who don't realize what it

-is supposed to be yet. If

-you still can't figure it

-out, send me a message on

-the forums. I'll

-explain it and all of the

-hints to you there.

Barithen was originally created to forge a weapon to create peace. Thousands of years before anyone else, he dug a mine alone by hand. He mined not copper or tin, but the hard iron deep in the earth. He forged the iron through the sheer force of his blows, without heat. The process of merely getting the iron was an undertaking that took nearly a thousand years. Forging and enchanting the weapon took longer. When he was done, he had the world’s first and one of the most powerfully magical swords ever made. His god, merely a tribal god who had accumulated a following large enough to allow him to create Barithen, had long since lost almost all of his followers. Despite the attempts of Barithen and his god, he was not to be unmade.

Barithen’s love was the sword itself. He had fallen in love with it from the moment he found the metal that he was to forge it from. As he forged it, the sword gained a conscious of its own, which loved him in turn. Upon its completion, it had an entire separate personality, but similar to that of Barithen himself. It understood that Barithen had fulfilled his purpose and had to return to be destroyed, but was happy that the attempts had failed. After the failed attempts to unmake him, Barithen realized that he would never be unmade and decided to name the sword. He called it Lythni which meant “family” in the language of the first tribe to warship his god.

Barithen soon discovered, however, that without a true leader, Lythni caused more fighting than peace. He wandered with Lythni for several centuries, crossing the bottoms of oceans and seas until he found a lake. He looked at his reflection in the lake and that of Lythni hovering several feet away. The water was so still that it appeared that Lythni was on the bottom of the shallows in the lake. An idea appeared to Barithen; he would leave Lythni buried at the bottom of the lake while he searched for a true leader.

He wandered for thousands of years, eventually forgetting what he had been searching for and why. Lythni, sitting at the bottom of the lake, became dormant in the absence of Barithen. It facilitated the survival of several lesser deities, who added to its power with a sheathe, which healed any who wore it. Eventually, it was renamed, as no one knew its true name. It was later given to a young boy by one of the last demigods surrounding the sword. The sword served the boy for many years and helped him to rule his land justly for many years, but eventually the sheathe was stolen and the king was killed. The king requested that Lythni, by its new name, be returned to the demigod of the lake. After this, the history and location of the sword is lost to the time, but is likely still in the lake where it was left.

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