Benjamin Barabal

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  • Player: Sandit
  • Name: Benjamin Barabal
  • Species or Race: Red Martian
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 102. Looks to be in His early 20’s
  • Height: 6’2”
  • Weight: 250
  • Hair color: Dark Brown
  • Eye color: Hazel?
  • Typical Clothing: Has been known to show up in the stereotypical 00 Agent Tux, but prefers more comfortable ware. Typically wears Black denim jeans with a black polo shirt and soft shoes for sneaking. Will change outfits to match the context of the situation.
  • Occupation: Secret Agent/Troubleshooter
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral/good
  • Characteristic quote: "Crazy, yes. Stupid, maybe"
  • Strengths: Tends to be very loyal, Has a high level of situational awareness, Is extremely patient. A kind of Knight Errant.
  • Weaknesses: High velocity impacts/penetration IE gunfire, Has to breathe sometime, death, Attractive Females. Is unfamiliar with magic and will probably be taken unaware by attack spells.
  • Special Powers and Skills: Is proficient with most firearms, Skilled weaponsmith and gunsmith, Jeweler. Trained in several different types of blade fighting. Invisibility, Can disappear almost completely by holding breath. Psychokinetic/Psionic abilities
  • Weaponry: A custom rebuilt Laptop gun nicknamed Silent Bob. Bob has been heavily upgraded with Board technology, giving it heavier electromagnetic shielding, and remote control capabilities, among other things. Will carry an M1911a1, a Colt Delta Elite, a CZ 75, or most commonly, a Beretta M93R as a sidearm. Has been known to use a M1921AC Thompson SMG or an MP5SD6. For a rifle he carries either a customized No. 1 mk6 Lee-Enfield rifle, an M1 Garand, or one of several AR pattern rifles. Also has a cut down, pistolized Enfield in the style of the “Mares Laig”. Depending on the situation, he has in his possession a De Lisle carbine and a Barrett M99 .50 cal rifle for use. Also carries a katana, or a Martian longsword and shortsword.
  • Equipment: Has a Hammerspace enabled messenger bag for ammunition and sundries. Always carries a Zippo. Will use a Stratocaster guitar when appropriate.
  • Likes: Grand Marnier, Conversation, Explosions, Girls, Practical Jokes, Mountain Dew,
  • Dislikes: Fruit Bombardment, Incompetence, Surprises, Being stuck to anything


Born in 1906 to Carthoris and Thuvia of Ptarth. Even from a very early age, it was apparent that he was a gifted child, considering the fact that his grandfather was John Carter, Warlord of Mars. He was barely a year from the egg when he had expressed the desire to learn the art of the blade. The decision was made for him to be trained by his grandfather. There were major changes in his future though.

In mid 1908 he was transported to Earth by a series of freak wormholes which altering his genetic code, bleached his copper coloring into earth normal white. The wormholes also altered his genetic code, granting him powers that continue to manifest. Foremost among these is invisibility, probably the power he has used the most. He ages vastly slower than normal, leading to a youthful appearance. He was gracelessly dropped into a secluded Japanese mountain village that had a disproportionate number of samurai masters. After learning the language, he began intensive Samurai training from many of the masters. This gives him a very large range of attacks to draw on, as well as a non-standard blade style.

His training completed, he then traveled to Europe, ending up at the University of Heidelburg. He began study in a variety of subjects and learned how to fence. In 1928 he traveled to the United States for the first time, spending a good deal of time in New York and Chicago. Hearing about the situation brewing in Europe he returned in 1932. With the shadows of war looming, he went to work for the British Foreign Service as an agent. He was in Belgium when war broke out. He spent most of the war in the Low Countries, playing “games” with the Germans. Late in the war he was transferred to Russia, working his way to the frontlines. Rode with the Red Army into Berlin, eventually making his way through the lines back to the British. Left British service in 1952.

Returned to the United States, gaining citizenship. Did a substantial amount of traveling, focusing predominately on Chicago and Memphis. He shifted focus more to the west coast by 1960, spending time in L.A. As the 60’s wore on, he began to do more global travel. Joined MI6 in 1975, based in part upon his previous work. Earned his 00 Agent status fairly early on, having proven that he was still a very capable agent in the field. Upon review of his records he was given a very unique status: Perpetual 00 Agent. This resulted in the creation of a four digit number to signify his status. He would not lose his 00 status even upon leaving MI6. Thus Agent 0013 was born. He was one of the most effective agents MI6 had until he retired in 1996. Lived the life of a beach bum until he got bored with it.

Was recruited by the Green family as a freelance troubleshooter in 1999. Rose fairly quickly in the ranks due to his high levels of competence. He was starting to have moral issues with what the Greens were doing, in part because he was getting to see just what all they were involved in. In early 2007, he was attached to an R&D department that was experimenting with dimensional portals. During one such experiment, a stable portal formed. He volunteered to go through it. Looking around, he realized this world had a higher base level technology than his own. After a run-in with law enforcement, he picked up what he thought was an ugly laptop computer, using it to do some research on where he was. After some abstract thought he returned to the portal, went back through and blew the portal device up, taking all the lab notes with it. A careful examination of the laptop revealed that it was not a computer, but a cleverly concealed gun. Hazel was none too happy about losing the portal device and the knowledge of how to make another. Losing much of his standing in the organization, he was put to work chasing down renegade employees. With his invisibility this was usually fairly easy. Easy that is until the Nemo incident when he was put on the trail of Alexis Walker. He almost had her, until she opened a door with him hot on her trail, and wound up in a bar! Mercifully he was invisible when she opened the door, and remained unseen as he overshot his mark and ran into the bar. He managed to stay hidden for just over a month, not daring to decloak, much less breathe. The benefit was that he learned a good deal about the Boardies, a group that Hazel despised. After much debate and soul searching, he decided to reveal himself to them and make his intentions known…

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