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Fleetlogo.gif This page contains information copied or paraphrased from the OCD FLEET site.

M-258 Berserker Main Battle Tank

Dimensions: 9.8m x 3.6m x 2.45m
Powerplant: 2 x Micro-Fusion Bottle
Propulsion: Ground Effect Vehicle (Air-cushioned Plenum Chamber)
Crew: 2 - Driver and TC
Armament: 1 x 200mm "Deeplight" Laser Cannon, 1 x Heavy Plasma Tribarrel - coax, 1 x Heavy Powergun Tribarrel - cupola, 2 x Light

Board armour goes back further than one might think, with its origins in the first warthread - the story goes one Boardie leapt into a concrete bunker and opened fire with the artillery therein, whereupon his foes leapt into a bunker of their own and gave it wheels. The rest has, like so much Board technology, leapt forward in increasingly bizarre bounds as Boardies have constantly sought to outdo each other in sheer freaky armour-fu.

It wasn't until the advent of automated construction equipment and assembly lines that designs finally stabilised in the Berserker chassis. Even then, there have been dozens of variants, ranging from wheeled-chassis alterations to leather upholstery - even if the latter did prove highly popular on command vehicles. Defence and survivability, however, are now seen as Priorities. A full suite of point-defence guns is intended to ensure very little contacts the hull, and anything which does has to penetrate thick ultra-advanced armour plating, full NBC shielding, and a 3-cm thick layer of rowan wood installed specifically to ward off inimical sorcery.

With his long history in weaponsmithing, Dagda has taken Board armoured units under his wing, drawing their crews from contacts and ancient warrior bloodlines in Ireland, the British Isles, and Irish immigrant communities. Armour battalions are encouraged to develop and take pride in strong warrior traditions - their training deliberately fosters an internal culture that harks back to the Celts, and crews invariably bond with their tanks to a significant degree. Names are common, as are stories of "heroic" vehicles. Board "treadheads" are famous for going to great lengths to recover or repair downed hulls - as they put it, the tanks clearly have a soul, which they refuse to abandon to the Enemy.

History aside, the Berserker has yet to see action in many numbers, and when it has extensive tactical analysis has shown that there really isn't much difference between a target hit by a turret-mounted plasma cannon and a target hit by the various chromed hand-cannons the average Boardie likes to cobble together in their spare time. Nevertheless simulations and warthreads have given them high marks, and High Command have strong hopes for the latest batches. You never know when some idiot's going to summon a particularly large demon in an urban area, after all, and in such situations the Board will need those huge armour-piercing lasers.

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