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(IRC) Many boardies are usually refered to with acronyms and abbreviations, usually two or three letters long. Outside IRC, PFF, and other boardie-friendly environments, boardie acronyms don't make much sense as their meaning usually depends on context. Here's a listing of boardie acronyms and their meanings.

.t: Dotty

Aha: Ahayweh


Ana/Anya: Anastasia (Kathleen Le Pirate)

BN: Blacknarwhal

Bob: JustPlainBob (also Yin-Tzu)

CM: Celtic Minstrel

CF: CajunFox

cf: crazyfurries

DC: DemonCat (seems to be obsolete)

DJ: DrJekyll42

ET/Ed: Edward Tohr

Ete: Eterock

GB: Godboy

Kai: Kairaven

Kat: Katyra

Kath: Kathleen (Kathleen Le Pirate)

KE: Kum-El

Kira: Kira-chan

LL: Laserlips

Loco/Luis: Locoluis (bruceluis)

Low: [[User:Loweko|Loweko]

Mai: Mai-Li Holland (mailiholland)

Mana: manaknight (also slip though not heard and Doorstop, etc.)

Mari: Maritza Campos

Mimi: Masked Mimi

Mr.K: My name is Kenny

Ny: Nyren

MW: Midnight Wonder

NSD: Nightshade Dragon

PCK: Patrick (The Immortal Infidel)

RK: Roadkiller

Rob: Tangent

Shen: Shenalia

SC: SereneChaos

sol: soleta

syl: sylverfyre

TC: Tora-Chan

tc: the cynic

Tcher: Tchernobyl

Uno: Unoriginal

UU/UUN: Uniqueusername

Woap: Woapalanne

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