Bobby Drake

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the cryomorph mutant

(Codename: Iceman)

Age: 24

Appearance: Bobby has blue eyes, medium length brown hair and has the build of a regularly athletic human. He is boyishly handsome. he is never seen out of his old X-Men uniform, consisting of black jeans, black hi-top Converse All-Stars, a black and pink Hawiian shirt and a black leather trenchcoat, with yellow piping on the edges and a X-Men insignia on each arm, also in yellow.

Powers: Bobby is a cryomorph mutant human. His powers allow him to control the cold, and to transmute his flesh and blood into living ice. He can use his powers to take the ambient moisture in the air and use it to create any object he desires out of ice. He can propel himself by creating an ice slide beneath his feet. These ice slides can propel him at any speed he desires, from a leisurely walking pace, to faster than the Space Shuttle. It is believed that Bobby can lower the temperature of any object to absolute zero, stopping any an all molecular movement in said object. However, it is also theorized that by doing so, Bobby would also die from the effort. Therefore, he has yet to try it.

Weaknesses: In his human form, he is vulnerable to anything a normal human male is. Gunshots, acid, disease and kicks to the beanbag all apply. However, in ice form, Bobby is nigh-invulnerable. The only thing that can acutally hurt Bobby in this form is intense heat. Normally, he will just lower his body's internal temperature, but there is a limit before he goes unconscious. Also, abducting Bobby's girlfriend will get him to do anything you want, as he is madly in love with his girlfriend, and will do anything, up to and including dying for her. However, the standard "hero goes nuts and destroys you, your kingdom, and distant relatives becuase you abducted and/or killed his love" clause applies here.

Personality: Bobby is a the proverbial class clown. Always ready with a joke, prank or anything else designed for his personal amusement. Be it water over the door, banana peel on the floor, exploding cigar, or merely paffing you into submission with snowballs into submission, Bobby's probably behind it. When paired with his best friend, Hank McCoy (aka th Beast), Bobby becomes twice as bad, usually egging Hank into a prank contest. However, his prankster exterior hides Bobby's self-esteem issues. Ever since he first joined the X-Men, Bobby has always felt that his powers made him a second-stringer, and that his value to any team was negligible. Howver, ever since Emma Frost briefly possessed his body and showed Bobby the extent of his powers, this condition has been steadily getting better. Bobby is also EXTREMELY reluctant to kill, and will only do so when absolutely necessary.

Backstory: Tiring of Bobby's constatn barrage of pranks, Professor X expelled Bobby from the X-Men after finding out that Bobby has spiked his coffee with Rogaine. Again. After settign up a few more practical jokes on the X-Men, Bobby wandered the U.S. for a while, until he finally joined up with the Boardies. Since then, he's happily played pranks on all of the Boardies, which has resulted in his holding the record of most RESPAWNS in the first week of Boardiehood ever. He's a member of Midnight Wonder's ice cream cult, and is the unofficial dispenser of frozen treats. He also especially enjoys paffing Urban with snowballs. He doens't know why, it's just fun.

Likes: Twinkies, Ice cream, Alaska, Canada, his girlfriend, Hank McCoy, and paffing Urban with snowballs.

Dislikes: The desert, volcanoes, Apocalypse, blow driers and people with no sense of humor.

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