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the mystic justicer

Hi everyone, I like [rpg.php?name=Spamotron Spamotron] but it seems hes just a little too powerful. While Ive only been in a handful of warthreads it always seems to turn out that Im forced to use him at a fraction of his intended power to avoid godmoding. When I designed him I did intend for him to be powerful and lethal enough to credibly single-handedly conquer the entire world and keep it. But that seems to be too strong for everyone Ive faced so far. In that line of thought Ive created a new character. Meet Bramblethorn the Mystic Justicer.

Name: Bramblethorn, So dubbed for his love of gardening and his incredible tenacity in battle.

Real Name: As anyone truly knowledgeable in the arts of magic knows a persons true name can be a powerful tool. As such Bramblethorn only gives it out to his very closest friends who he KNOWS can keep a secret and are tough enough to be able to handle the Dark Sorcerers who might torture them for the information. So far he has not known anyone on the board long enough to form such a bond.

History: The Mystic Justicars are an ancient order dedicated to keeping the Mortal and Supernatural worlds from colliding in tragedy. Their specialty is rouge sorcerers. Mystic Justicars perform a style of Anti-Magic in which they harness their own inner wills and life energies to counter the spell magic and supernatural energies of their opponents. They also possess a handful of conventional battle and support spells. Bramblethorn is a relatively young and inexperienced Justicar who has gone as far as he possibly can from training and must now get stronger from experience. He has been assigned to the Board to keep an eye on the numerous supernatural beings and magic users to make certain they do not abuse their power over the people of Earth.

Personality: A very honorable and noble person Bramblethorn goes out of his way to help people in need. He tries to fight fair whenever it isnt very imprudent and prefers to face his foes head on. Though he has a good understanding of strategy and tactics and will take advantage of surprise and sneak attacks when the stakes are high enough. An excellent judge of character Bramblethorn is often said to be able to learn a persons true innermost nature in as little as a ten minute conversation with them. While very compassionate truly unrepentant evil beings should expect no mercy.

Appearance: A young man in his early 20s with light brown hair and slate grey eyes. Usually wears cargo pants a rust brown suede jacket and always has a rapier hanging off a belt at his side.


  1. Anti Magic Field: After years of training a Mystic Justicar learns how to subconsciously generate an energy field that jams and weakens magic. Always on unless the Justicar concentrates to deliberately lower the field. Strength: The field increases in strength with the Justicars experience. All Justicars can weaken magic some but the most powerful can nullify it completely. (The strength of Bramblethorns field is determined by my post count divided by ten and converted to a percentage. Right now I have just over 250 posts in nightstar so all spells directed at Bramblethorn will be reduced in strength by 25%.

  2. Spirit strike: By focusing his inner will a Justicar can focus his power into his hands or any weapon he holds so that it damages supernatural beings that would otherwise be unharmed by normal weapons and breaks through protective spells. (Can be used at will off the cuff but only one attack of this nature per post)

  3. Sixth Sense: Can sense the presence of magic and supernatural beings at all times at ranges of up to 3 kilometers. Beings in which evil is a part of their magical nature can be sensed twice as far and are unmistakeable.

  4. Fog the Supernatural: By concentrating a Mystic Justicar can merge his magical signature with the background signature of the Earth becoming undetectable to Magical, Psychic and Supernatural senses. Can still be spotted by normal senses such as the naked eye and machine based scientific sensors.

  5. Inner Strength: By calling on innermost spiritual reserves the Justicar can achieve short periods of superhuman strength and speed.


  • Fireball: Your typical no nonsense magical projectile range: 100 meters/300 ft detonates with a blast radius of 2 meters/6 feet packs about as much punch as a standard high explosive grenade.</li>
  • Bestial Senses: A spell that briefly raises any one sense to superhuman levels. Wolf like Smell, Hawk Like Vison, Owl Like vision for night vison, or Bat like hearing. Duration 30 minutes</li>
  • Mystic Shield: A spell that creates a shield of force to protect against incoming attacks is about 1 meter/3 foot diameter shield that is directed by the users mind. Can be directed fast enough to intercept projectiles and energy blasts. Duration: 10 minutes.</li>
  • Healing Touch: A spell that heals simple wounds with a touch can not be used by the caster to heal himself. Is good for cuts, bruises and broken bones complex internal injuries are beyond the spells power.</li>
  • Float: When cast the user can float and glide up to an altitude of 300 meters/900 ft. and at a speed of 50 kph/30 mph</li>
    </ol> (Bramblethorn will gain a new spell and a new Justicar power every 100 posts or so.) Skills of Note: Bramblethorn possesses all the necessary skills to survive in todays world ie computer basics, how to use a microwave, how to drive, when to keep his mouth shut But is truly exceptional in five areas. Gardening: Bramblethorn has a definite green thumb and can grow almost anything under the most extreme conditions. Is especially fond of annuals.

    Swordsmanship: Can use any bladed weapon with a great deal of skill and possesses total mastery of rapiers and fencing.

    Detective Work: Part of a Mystic Justicars job is finding their quarry and Bramblethorn therefore is fully trained in the arts of analysis and deduction and is very, very good at it.

    Occult Lore: Bramblethorn has extensive knowledge on the magic styles, supernatural beings, and paranormal phenomena found all over the world he is definitely an expert.

    Cookie Meister: An average chef in most things, But Bramblethorn loves all kinds of cookies and knows over 200 recipies and they all taste heavenly when he makes them. Standard Equipment: An enchanted rapier that never needs sharpening and is much stronger and harder to break than normal. An enchanted chain mail vest that is weightless. Provides about as much protection as a Kevlar riot vest, Repairs itself magically over the course of 24 hours but too slowly to be of any real use in combat. Carries a .38 caliber revolver and 36 rounds of ammunition as a last resort. Will use other modern weapons when desperate but prefers accuracy and reliability over shear firepower. Weaknesses: Against magic wielding opponents and supernatural beings he is a terror but against mere mortals armed with conventional weapons he is only about as tough as a well armed special forces soldier and is just as vulnerable as any human to death and maiming. Allies: As yet Bramblethorns only true allies are other members of the Order of Mystic Justicars. He has not been a member of the Board very long and has few close friends among them. He often hangs with [rpg.php?name=Spamotron Spamotron]. Many judge it as newbies sticking together, they are wrong. Bramblethorns great talent for interpreting a persons true nature has revealed to him how conflicted [rpg.php?name=Spamotron Spamotron] is between Good and Evil right now and is doing everything in his power to make sure the awesome super robot is leaning more towards the former. Enemies: No one specific, but he is sworn to go after any Magic wielder or Supernatural being who misuses their powers for personal gain. And there you have it. Bramblethorn is definitely tougher than a conventional warrior but is not that strong yet. He will gain new powers and abillites over time but he is a specialist. Against a certain type of foe he is very tough and will eventually become almost unstoppable. But against everyone else he is a balanced opponent with his share of strengths and weaknesses. Or at least that is how I intended to make him.
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