Brave Greensborough

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Name: Brave Greensborough

Species: Deadeye Centaur

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Height: 7’2’’ (200 cm)

Weight: 430 lbs (195 kg)

Coat and hair color: Bay

Eye color: Orange

Occupation: Ship security/Engineer/Muse Render

Alignment: Good, but the tires definitely need rotation

Characteristic quote: “I’m Brave, engineer first class, security guard second class and Muse Render extraordinaire. Meaning I’m completely unranked in the last.”

Strengths: Brave, as a Deadeye, has a superhuman form of spatial and visual awareness. This gives him inhuman accuracy using any projectile weapon that he is familiar with and follows a predictable projectile path (Bows, guns, etc.) when given time to aim. His human body is stronger than a normal human’s though not by enough to get into the multiples. He’s also a competent engineer (he claims that it was his primary job on his old ship) and has been known to jury-rig some unusual devices. Of course, the horse body helps a lot with that whole moving around thing, too.

Weaknesses: Sharp corners. Lots of close up motion or even large amounts of quickly changing motion in the distance can overpower his senses and thoroughly nauseate him. His horse body is filled with all sorts of vital organs, as well as his human body, making him a rather large target. He’s also got an irrational fear of stairs, despite being quite capable of traversing them. In fact, he’s really pretty cowardly for working security on a ship.

Special powers/skills: The whole Deadeye accuracy thing. Muse Rending: the practice of summoning a spirit of inspiration. Unfortunately, he’s not terribly good at it and has a tendency to summon small wind spirits instead.

Weaponry: =Hand blaster- It’s not actually his hand, but a mechanical extension which can turn into an array of engineering tools and a low-powered plasma rifle. To preserve energy, it only fires them at the approximate speed of an arrow.

=Pistol- It’s a run-of-the-mill .38 Special, loaded with super-expansive, low penetration rounds. Great for soft targets, but pretty much bounce off of body armor.

Equipment: =Charged Body Armor- Body armor specifically designed to cover all the important parts of both the human and horse parts of a centaur from bullets and the like. It has an in-built battery and energy collection device (collecting power from his horse leg’s movements) which are used to produce magnetic fields to protect him from plasma and lasers. Unfortunately, this causes him to create a whirring noise when he walks, until he disengages it, and hours of walking only provide enough charge to protect him from two or three shots, at the most. It can also quickly expand into a fully enclosed, if somewhat uncomfortable, space suit.

=Part T923 Sec EES3- The part of his ship’s engine that Brave happened to be holding onto when he got booted out of his universe. Its actual function is unknown to anyone except the inventor of the engines, long gone on a ship to the ends of the universe. Still, none of the bleeding engines will work without one, so Brave figures it’s probably the reason he’s here and the only way for him to get back.

Likes: Chamomile tea (and vodka), poking around at machines he probably shouldn’t, successfully Muse Rending

Dislikes: Stairs, fighting, summoning wind spirits, stairs, when people say he was hired as security personnel, horse meat, human flesh

Brave is actually a translation of his name in (his world’s) Draconic (Which is actually Elvin. Who knew?), since most humans have difficulty pronouncing it. It’s not a particularly apt description, but not so much so that it’s ironic. He dislikes fighting, but will if he has to.

In Brave’s world, only three races made it into space (humans, half-dragons and centaurs), though many continued to live back on earth. The deadeye centaurs were the only space faring race not stemming from humans originally. As such, they gained a special place: doing nothing technical unless under direct human supervision. It’s more reasonable than it seems; only humans were born with true understanding of technology, while centaurs had a nearly unreal awareness of spatiality. Generally, they became physical labor and gun-toters. Brave himself was one of the few in the centaur ranks to rise above this and take up engineering himself, using his centaur gift and applying it to his engineering.

Even so, he was hired primarily as a security guard. And never stopped being bitter about it, despite his constant denial of the fact.

He took on Muse Rending as a way to make up for his racial deficiencies in the engineering field. Occasionally, when it works, he can come up with some truly spectacular results. Unfortunately, he's among the masses whose attempts a Muse Rending usually ends with disaster. There was a reason when less than a hundredth of a percent of the population ever attempted it.

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