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Original Wikicreator: Locoluis, the one, the only, the Web Site Maintainer. All shalt offer cookies.

Award For Excellence and Diligence in Recent Editing: Celtic Minstrel.

This wiki contains a lot of information copied or paraphrased from the OCD Funky Horror website. Below is the credits list from that website.

Original Concept
Universe This All Came From By
Maritza Campos
The Adversary, Father of Lies
As Himself
Web Design By
Locoluis, NSD
Database Entries Written By
Loweko, Flax, Entity, AOANLA, Dagda
Profile Entries By
Themselves (mostly)
Artwork By
Maritza, Locoluis, Entity
Honourable Citation For Patience In The Face Of Indecision, and Courage In The Face Of Vagueness

(In other words, Technical Drawings By:)
Other Technical Drawings By
Loweko, JustBob, and TF (one each)
Funky Horror/Fanworks/Banshee Original Design
Moral Support
Aurora, Sartan, Flax, and Roscoe
Proofreading by
Moltare & the rest of #fleet
Angst By
Rationality By
Fez Hat
Bold Type By
People Attempting To Sound Ominous
Random Person Walking Past Yelling "Melon, Melon"
Avocados Trained By
P.Worthing and Sons, Chipping Sodbury.

Loweko would like to thank Woapalanne, Laundreu, McMartin, Miles, and DemonCat, for giving him the idea for all this in the first place, although none of them knew it at the time, and especially Maritza for being so patient and calm in the face of so many nitpicks.

All non-original characters are the property of their original owners where applicable.

Forum avatars are, of course, the copyright of their original creators. However, their Boardieverse versions have undergone so many changes by now that they're ours, all ours, Muahahahaha.

The Prince of Darkness appears by kind permission of the Celebrity Bingo Hall, Inverness.

And finally, to all our fans out there...Code 27-Alpha. The Invasion begins at midnight, on the next full moon.

Watch the Skies.

Pages containing info from this website will display the following box somewhere on the page (usually at the top).

Fleetlogo.gif This page contains information copied or paraphrased from the OCD FLEET site.
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