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1. A feature that was made part of the official story in CRFH, esp. one that wasn't originally in Maritza's original intent. Perhaps the most important example is Dave's resurrection. Dave was originally meant to be dead after the Mushroomies from Hell's storyline but, after widespread outcry in the Board, Maritza decided that Dave's death was, indeed, a Bad Thing.

Other things made canon include [Mister Friendly]'s name (during the weekend comics of November and December 2003) and [Magic Ted]'s name (well, not really, but Maritza gave him that name during her Transgendered Art thread). The last thing that was asked to be made canon was the origin of Marsha's anime eyes, as explained in a guest comic by Eric Moore, published during the Guest Comic Vacation of 2002 (see [1] )

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