Casey King

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The Pirate Lord

Character Name: Casey King

Age: 34

Eye Color: Vivid Green, wears black rectangular sunglasses

Hair Color: Dark Blonde, shoulder-length and wavy, has a beard of the same color.

Height: 6'8"

Clothing: Long-sleeved white button-up shirt, black cargo jeans under an ankle-length black leather duster.

Equipment: Twinsword, Energy Shivs, and Energy Pistols
-Twinsword: Designed by Casey himself. A dual-bladed sword made of titantisteel. The blades are two and a half feet long and two inches wide. The handle is also two and a half feet long, bringing the entire liength of the sword to 7 1/2 feet long. The handle has a twist-lock in the center, enabling the sword to break apart into two 3 3/4-foot sections to be sheathed at Casey's hips. An energy sheath can also be turned on, covering the blades in a thin energy field, enabling the swords to cut through near anything.
-Energy Shivs: Stored in Casey's boots. Two shivs enable Casey to work his way out of emergency situations.
- Energy Pistols: Medium-sized pistols that fire rapidly. They fire one-inch-wide, four-inch-long bolts of blood-red pure energy. Use small micro-fusion generators for a power source.

Description: Casey is large-framed but muscular. His face is handsome, but has a trio of parallel scars runing from the right side of his forehead all the way down to his chin. Hidden behind black sunglasses was a mechanical eye that glowed a faint red. This eye is capable of giving Casey information about his target in a split second, and is also capable of magnifying images. Casey commands a very large pirate and freelancer's guild, and is well-known for salvaging ships in the heat of a battle.

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