Chief Petty Officer Klerk

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the naval sniper

Name: Chief Petty Officer Klerk
Class: Naval Sniper
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Weight: not to heavy, not to light
Clothes: Bush cammos with matching Gillie suit


  • 1x Winchester 700P (bolt action) with scope (standard issue 80 rounds + extra depending on deployment time)
  • 1x H&K USP .40 SOCOM with removable suppressor (on belt with 6 clips)
  • 3x H&K USP .40 compact (hidden on person with 4 clips)
  • 1x KABAR Marine surplus combat knife
  • 5x Pineapple HE grenades
  • 2x Flash Bangs


  • 1x Night vision
  • 1x thermo goggles
  • 1x field medical pack
  • 1x shovel
  • 1x WWII helmet lined with Kevlar on the outside
  • 1x Class IV a Body armour and crotch armour
  • 1x groin cup (cricket quality)

Strengths: Excellent accuracy at long ranges, very hard to spot (blends in well with the background, can drive/pilot any kind of motorised vessels/aircraft, NASty CAR (NASCAR) qualified, ability to call on naval/air strikes, and Nuclear weapons.

Weakness: Up close and personal combat, shy, addicted to video games in free time, Insanely Loyal.

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