Com. Jacob "Red" Haidan

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the lost commander

Commodore Jacob Haidan (HAYdan), Terran Imperial Navy.
AKA: Red.

Appearance: 5'8" tall, moderate build, only lightly muscled. Caucasian features, fair skin, brown hair, brown eyes, no scars or distinguishing characteristics.

Red usually wears a black-and-silver uniform of unusual cut. It is not nearly as flashy as the usual FLEET uniform. No headgear, either, his home navy having abandoned hats as useless in space.


Jacob 'Red' Haidan is the commander of a relatively small but very well-organized portion of FLEET. Like Admirals Loweko and Jordanis, he effectively brought his own flotilla with him. He actually arrived in-system months before anyone knew he was there; observation and preparation make up a good part of his strategic ability. His sudden appearance in a Nightstar war thread was his way of saying 'hello'; soon enough he slipped his way into the more mainstream events.

Allegiances and Personality:

Red owes allegiance, first and foremost, to the Terran Empire and it's Navy. Ask him about them and he'll give you quite a speech, but it seems he has no active method of communicating with his home. It is entirely probable that he is very, very lost and just doesn't want to admit it.
As far as the Board goes, he is FLEET to the core. He believes in big guns and big science. He tries to stay away from other groupings; he has no real opinion on D&?, he enjoys the ficcer's productions but refrains from writing himself, and so on. He does, however, show a preference for War Threads and random speculation.
Personality-wise, Red is quiet and careful, but very focused when presented a single task. He tends to think in numbers and physical laws; creativity is not his thing, though he appreciates the arts as much as anybody. His temper, if it exists, is well-repressed to the point that it takes a full-scale atrocity to get him furious.
One particular problem is his distaste for magic. The Board is his first exposure to it and he tends to ignore it entirely when he can.


Personally, all Red has going for him is Terran Imperial Navy bio-enhancement and combat training. His reaction times, speed, strength, and damage resistance are all slightly above human norms, and he never goes anywhere without his sidearm- a TIN-issue Grav Pistol, which spits 3mm darts (solid or explosive) out at 2,000 m/s. When really deep in it, he also makes use of powered armor, heavy Grav Guns, and other high-tech tricks weaponry. The fact that he usually has a handful of his own Imperial Marines around usually keeps him out of personal fights, however.
In space, his flotilla often lacks the shear numbers of other's fleets, but each ship is stocked with well-trained and very loyal troops.

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