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the furball

Age: Who knows?
Species: Coyote-morph/shadow elemental

Description: Short, curvy anthropomorphic coyote, brown fur, green eyes. Wears jeans and red tank top most of the time. When using her elemental powers, her eyes turn jet black. She can extend twenty blue-white tentacles from her back at will. The tentacles are arranged like wings, ten from each shoulderblade area.

Powers: Her tentacles are mildly to highly acidic, and stretch up to a fifteen-foot radius around her; slightly shorter range in front. She has control over shadows and can use them to travel from place to place; also retains control over the element of water, and has gained the ability to turn water to acid. She can communicate with Elder Gods (Cthulu type) and such beings, and is treated as a younger, weaker relative by them.

Strengths: Can summon powerful beings, fights viciously on her own, very powerful in darkness and water.

Weaknesses: Direct sunlight, intense heat, and strongly basic liquids are harmful to her.

Background: Created orginally as offspring of Coyote and Bastet, she was an elemental, using all four elements. Recently infused with Elder blood, her elements are no shadow, acid, and water. Some knowledge of tech, mostly a magical being.

Personality: Generally cheerful and mischievous or laid-back. Takes very little quite seriously. Enjoys a good puzzle or challenge. Does not hold grudges unless given a very good reason. Tends to be a peacemaker and occasionally a mother figure.

Miscellaneous: Occasional cartoon/anime traits, including heartbubbles, visible exclamation points, Cute Eyes, anime sparkles, access to Hammerspace when appropriate. Fond of coffee. Mated to the planeswalker Shenalia.

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