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the gene-mixed creature

Body: upper torso if fox furry along with head design (is obviously a FEMALE), hand-paws of cougar, and the two hind legs of a horse, foxtail. fur is Reddish brown, hair light brown, eyes green. Asking her wieght is obvious suicide.

Temperment: MENTAL. "There's a reason why part of my name is CRAZY, yanno." Chaotic. Anything else don't matter. Any and all who hurt the member of the elder boardie clan (IE: Shenalia, Tcher, CG, Ebondragon .) and her experiments and friends (the line between the two is very blurry) answers to her and her gene-mixed minions.

Items one should worry about

The Golden Kitsune Her personal space ship she built from scratch. Not only is it verra well armed and speedy, but damagin her pride and joy.. well. The last guy left in a matchbox.

The ground Lab aka THE LAIR CF's personal laboratory built into the side of a mountain and going down for several miles. Breif tours of the people friendly areas are given, and the restricted areas are for the eyes of her and her experiments only. Not to say that she doesn't let out a few of her "iddle widdle baby abominations.." every now and then. CF keeps a large supply of her various inventions under lock and key, after TDOT had that incident with the temporary super-power vials she never quite was as willing to let him into that stash unless she had him chained to a wall. Squoozles, her pet demon-dragon genetic hybrid, is kind of like her pet dog. If dogs drooled acid that could eat through a buick in 5 seconds and were over five stories tall with an appetite to match.

Any other warning about crazyfurries is redundant, most boardies find that out the first time they mistake her for a guy/ try to god-mode on her/ try to bust up her work.

Noteable Quotes: "Okay, Squoozles. SIC EM!"
"I'm FEMALE DAMNIT! NOW DIE!" "Do that again and I'll use your lower intestine for a bagpipe."

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