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Player: Crimson Darkness Name: Crimson Darkwolfe Species or Race: Anthro Red Wolf (Also has some squirrel blood in him, his grandmother was one.) Gender: Male. Age: 22 Height: 6ft Weight: I dunno, average for a 6ft talking wolf. Hair color: Red. Eye color: Red Physical Description:

His muzzle, underbelly and undertail, and paws are cream, with a X shaped scar over his heart. He normaly wears a plain black t-shirt, blue zip-off trousers, a black and silver spiked collar and a silver bracelet, but has been known to wear anything from a single pair of silk boxers, to an extravagant pirate costume, simply because he was bored. His head fur (or hair:P) is long and styled into a mullet, reaching the centre of his back, with a long thin braid behind his left ear. He also has long canines that are visible even when his mouth is closed. His tail is quite large and bushy, nearly matching him in size.

Occupation: Uhhh..... Furry rug? Characteristic quote: Ale and wenches! Personality:

Crimson is very laid back in all things, and tends to be slow to anger. He likes a good party thread more than anything else, and will not miss an oppatunity to just chill and have fun. He can be a bit of a coward at times however. Loves his ale. Especially guiness.

Theres usually a bunch of gumph with multiple personalities and alternate realities, but I really can't be bothered.

Strengths: Strong sense of smell and hearing. Very strong jaws. Good balance and climbing abilities when he's paying attention (although when he isn't he tends to be clumsy. =S) Quite stubborn when he wants to be.

Weaknesses: Crimson has a general dislike for machines, and cannot effectivly use them, why he's on the Funky Horror, is a complete accident. He can be claustraphobic, and is a bit of an alchoholic, distracted easily by beer. Projectile objects tend to give him a lot of problems, and his own aim leaves a lot to be desired. Close combat is also tough for him, being focused more in mid-range weaponry, if somebody with a short weapon, or unarmed, can get inside his range, they can deal some heavy damage.

Special Powers and Skills:

Crimson can use layline manipulation (like magic.) But this is very difficult. In theory, anything is possible with it, but in practice it is not so. To do anything, it must be balanced out, which can put severe mental, or physical, strain on Crimson.

Changing the direction of energy, is the most simple and easy thing to do, this requires almost no work. For example, a fireball or laser beam could quite easily be stopped, or reversed by Chaos manipulation.

Creating energy, in the form of fire, light or electricity, however, is nearly impossible to to without passing out from the strain. Same for destroying energy to create cold or shadows.

Moving objects, via flight or levitation, falls somewhere inbetween. When moving things you have to rember Newton's 3rd Law, every force, produces an equal but opposite force. The trick is to make sure the oppostie force does not happen to you, unless you want to end up crushed against a wall.

Chaos manipulation can also be used to enhance the body's abilities, for strength, speed, or healing. But this is probably the most dangerous use. Enhanching the abililities means that the tissue effected will require more energy, which has to be gotten from somewhere. Unless you take extreme caution, this will come from burning the body's cells.

So basically, overkill weaponry he can play with, but shoot him normally and he'll prolly fall over and die ;P

Weaponry: Crimson carries with him a large sword-thing whose name I can't remember, Di-something. Anyway, this swordy thing is basically two swords, on the ends of a pole, one larger than the other. He has been trained extensivly with this, and thus can use it very effectivly, when he is paying attention.

Equipment: Uh, a blue backpack with some lecture notes in it? Likes: Guiness, explosions, fire, maths (!?!) Curry, more explosions, drawing, moonlight. Dislikes: Machines that don't explode, small spaces, tomatoes, merangue. Short history: Turned up at a boardie beach party one day through an infinatly improbable blip in space-time. He barely noticed, since there was a party which distracted him. Waking up aboard the Funky Horror, with a NotA sized hangover, he quickly found that his old life of being a student, probably didn't exist anymore. So he hung around, cause, well, these guys had pretty explosions.

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