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Fleetlogo.gif This page contains information copied or paraphrased from the OCD FLEET site.

David Jones

If Mister Jones has a claim to weirdness, even before one considers his "interesting" eyes, it has to be the way he is the longest surviving person to have ever entered Margaret Browning's life. Of apparently mundane parentage, and struggling family background, he has nonetheless survived for over 5 years of school and college in her presence.

To put this "achievement" in context, it must be noted that the average lifespan of her acquaintances is just under 16 months. His (apparently brief, to the detriment of many of his Board sympathisers) relationship with her bumps him into a category with a past average lifespan of 6 weeks. If Spec's suspicions concerning the degree of intimacy during the Adversary Incident are correct, then frankly the kid has shattered all records and should be given some kind of lifetime achievement award in the field of Occult Survival.

This is not to imply that David is immune to infernal forces, who appear to be trying to erase such an annoying blip on their record with considerable effort. What is worthy of note is that every effort to date has apparently failed, some quite spectacularly, and that the Board as a whole was apparently dragged into the current conflict after attempting to ascertain why. Just to add further to the growing body of "Dave lore", he managed to recover after a personal encounter with the Adversary Himself in an incident that got him a cat, the undying love of DC, and proved, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that Someone Up There smiles on this kid. The only representative of Up There available...doesn't discuss matters. But She is very, very interested in the young man, authorising Board activity around him that stops only just short of protective custody.

Then, there's the matter of David's eyes. While the incident with a highly virulent mutagen that apparently caused them to form has been well-documented, to quote Spec Alpha's formal report..."It must have been quite a mutagen to turn two normal eyeballs into a pair of solid-state gas lasers with their own handy grav beamer and energy supply!". While using them is apparently intensely draining for him, the fact remains that no human tissue should be capable of conducting such an energy output, comparable to the thrust from a pair of ramjets.

The eyes themselves have received a thorough medical examination during one of his interminable hospital stays. Weird Science have formally stated they don't have a clue as to the principles at work. They are considering offering the young man a quite staggering sum of money to donate one of them to science (SCIENCE!), but High Command have blocked the proposal, stating the boy needs all the help in life he can get.

Lately, David has begun to move away from Margaret and pursue a relationship with Blue Green. Much as the phrase "out of the frying pan, into the fire" springs to mind, he appears to be surviving that as well, despite severe disapproval from Hazel Green (and mild disapproval from FLEET, who would prefer he remained with Margaret and threw a spanner in the Adversary's plans for her). Given what else Dave has had thrown at him, the Board doubt a mere billionare mastermind can do much to stop the young man.

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