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Fleetlogo.gif This page contains information copied or paraphrased from the OCD FLEET site.

"Diana" (last name unknown)

Diana is, thankfully, one of the few people in this warped saga whose background is open to scrutiny. In fact, she is more than open and helpful regarding inquiries, something Speculation encounter maybe once every blue moon, if they're lucky.

Diana's mother died in childbirth – her upbringing was frugal. Long periods of time alone with her brother led Diana to develop strong independent and self-sufficient tendencies, ones that helped her survive barely above the poverty line for most of her life. One of her main assets was her striking beauty and the classic allure of red hair – keeping a horde of high school suitors happy (and buying her "presents", all of which were swiftly converted into cash) apparently taught her the finer points of using one's body as a tool. It sustained her long enough to secure a minor scholarship and a place at college...whence the money ran out.

Mortgaged to the hilt, Diana was already struggling to pay her tuition when her father was diagnosed with leukaemia shortly after she enrolled. Bone marrow transplants were available – but the only way of dodging the horrendously long waiting list was to resort to private practice, and the immense bills this involved. The family's savings vanished like ice in a volcano, and Diana found herself stuck with a seven-figure bill. With massive determination, and not inconsiderable courage, Diana and her brother borrowed as much as they could, sold as much as possible...and then held their metaphorical noses and took up prostitution to make the shortfall.

Ironically, after several months of this activity, their income is now considerable – the pair are well on the way to reaching their goal. Despite being a pariah among her peers, Diana appears unfazed by both the taunts and the requests of her customers, and has managed to remain surprisingly stable. Security (and a degree of secrecy towards her classmates) is understandably her main concern, but she apparently felt secure enough to have a brief fling with Michael Green before settling on his shorter, blond friend...literally. They met when he stumbled into her after losing his glasses, and the relationship blossomed during her recovery from a nasty traffic accident. Speculation remain quietly suspicious of this, considering it either fallout from Margaret or an effort to ensure Roger remained alone and mentally unbalanced. Either way, the incident was highly likely to be of infernal origin.

Even after paying her own medical bills, the Board's financial experts assume Diana must be well on the way to repaying her debts by now. However, Speculation suspect that her "career" by now has moved beyond fundraising and into something of a fashion statement. Certainly Roger tolerates it with (relatively) few qualms, and her brother has thrown himself into his work with considerable enthusiasm.

With all this in mind, the Board would ordinarily chalk Diana up as a remarkable specimen of humanity with a commendable compassionate streak, and walk on by...but she still worries them. The parallels to the Biblical Whore of Babylon (not to mention the Adversary's current love of incarnating Himself as a bull) cannot be ignored...although if Diana is atop seven hills, she hides it well. Needless to say, if she ever plans to holiday in Rome several divisions of Boardies will be mobilised very quickly...

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