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Player: Roadkiller

Name: Drek of the Cold Drakes

Species or Race: Half-dragon (Cold drake)

Gender: Male

Age: (120's and appears to be in his early twenties 1602). 520's and appears to be middle aged. He's quite glad he ages as a dragon.

Height: 5'9"

Weight: (180 lbs, 1602) 220 lbs

Hair color: Brown with frosted tips

Eye color: Grey

General Appearance: Drek usually keeps his appearance mostly human when around humans. His wings are usually folded under a heavy cloak, which is highly uncomfortable, but he ignores it as best he can. His wings are like smaller versions of a dragon's. The scales are the silver-white which marks him as part cold dragon. (Unlike those of his draconic ancestry, his wings are not as well armored. While tougher than normal flesh, they are quite easily cut by blades and pierced by arrows. 1602) The scales of his wings have since become the hard, shiny scales of the cold dragons.

Occupation: Messenger (Read "Task Monkey") of the Cold Drakes

Alignment: True Neutral in DnD terms. He has extreme loyalty to the cold drakes and the humans and half-dragons integrated into the cold drake society. He would gladly commit genocide of angels to keep them alive. He'll help those who appeal to his bizzare sense of humor, even to unusual lengths for good people. He's pretty well indifferent to those who don't. If one ceases to amuse him or provide use to him, they tend to lose his good will. Deception, manipulation, bribery and even torture are acceptable means to get what is needed if it is truly needed.

Characteristic quote: "Been strapped to a pole with a fire under it three times now. People don't tend to come near after you put out the fire in an obvious way. Afraid I would breathe on them too. Amusing to see the faces on the idiot witch hunters, though."

Strengths/Weaknesses: Drek has very little attachment to specific people. He will use them and leave them in danger if need be without any qualms. His relation to the Cold Drakes gets him different reactions from dragon to dragon in the main world. Some find him an abomination and attack him, while others see him as someone to help. He's got absolutely no problems using any means to do what needs to be done. He is, for all practical purposes, immune to cold, while fire and heat hurt him more than one would expect.

Special Powers and Skills: He has a small amount of mage blood, inherited from his father. (It generally only allows him to detect magic happenings and beings nearby. Occasionally, he will use it to cast a spell, though they are always short lived and not very powerful. They almost always drain his magical capabilities temporarily. 1602) Later in his life, he has developed his spellcasting abilities no small amount. While not an extremely powerful mage, he is not someone to laugh at, especially when he uses magic to improve his already formidable physical abilities. His dragon abilities are much more extensive. His wings provide him with flight. He has claws which can be effortlessly melded back into his fingers, and sharp, dragon-like teeth which can just as easily become human teeth. (Once every minute or so, he can use a less powerful version of the cold dragon's ice breath. It's still strong enough to kill a man hit directly. 1602) Later in his life, extensive practice with his magical, shapeshifting and other draconic abilities have expanded greatly. His dragon's breath has become nearly as strong as that of a cold drake of equivalent age. His skin can become thick, leathery scales, offering quite a bit of protection. The previously permanent wings are now also retractable, though he almost never uses this, even in human public, preferring to just cover them. He can even temporarily take the form of a full cold drake. This is extremely straining on him, and only lasts for a few minutes. (His strength is around four times that of a normal human. 1602) With age, his muscles hardened and toughened, as a cold drake's do with age. That, and he's worked out. Somewhere in the range of six times now.

Weaponry: Aside from his teeth and claws, Drek, using his strength to its full advantage, uses two maces, (weighing about fourty pounds each 1602), now weighing fifty pounds each, in combat. His wings also tend to end up used in combat, to about the same effect as the maces, battering opponents and easily breaking their bones.

Equipment: Drek's equipment is limited to what he feels comfortable traveling with. Which is considerable. He has a magical pouch which gives him direct access to his horde in the north. He must merely place his hand in and know what to pull out and it will be in his hand when he removes it. Placing items in is somewhat more complicated. If an item was removed from the pouch previously, it will go back to where it had been. If it is a specific type of item, such as a coin, it goes into a place reserved for it. Other items put in from outside, however, go to wherever they can be safely placed in the horde. His home is a mess. Most of what is in his horde is money, but his maces, clothing and a few vaguely magical trinkets are acessable, too.(1602) A few pieces of somewhat more magical equipment have been acquired since his 1602 appearance, including a variety of potions and a suit of armor, both of which are useful, but tend to be impractical. Also, at some point in those 400 years, he became a member of the Board, acquiring a POST. He, of course, hadn't visited or even made much contact with the Board in years, so his POST is years out of date.

Likes: Those who amuse him. He's got a sense of humor alien to most humans, dragons and half-dragons, so few actually know what will amuse him.

Dislikes: Large fires. Lemons (There's a story, I swear.). Witch hunters. Religous fanatics who try to burn him at the stake.

Drek's history is long and for the most part boring, so we'll go for the highlights. His father was a human with a very small mage gift who lived in the far north in the human-cold drake society. His mother was (obviously) a cold drake. His father died before he was the human equivalent of five years old. He became prominent in diplomatic relations between the cold drakes and humans. Eventually, he was actually given a position and payroll. He does various, possibly dangerous tasks that require entering human terriory. This has gotten him strapped to a steak with a bonfire under it several times now.(1602) Since then, he has become a part of the Board through some means or another. Recently, the cold drakes have been having a very hard time, several clutches failing entirely. His travels have brought him to odd places and given him a cynical view, as, no matter what he achieves, the cold drake population is steadily decreasing.

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