Duarcan Naoilamha

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Nine-armed and dangerous

Duarcan stands over six foot tall, has shaved his head bald, has a tattoo in the middle of his forehead of a red hand, and wears an earring on his right ear. Interesting as all these are, his most distinctive feature are the seven extra arms he was born with. Four on each side, and one protuding from his back, which he uses, when not shooting or fighting, to rub his stubbled head.

Duarcan uses Ingrams mainly, and usually has enough for all his arms secreted about his person. But his favourite weapons are two heavy chains with mace heads attached to them, which he wields lightning-fast in his pair of four hands.

He has displayed an ability called Arachnomancy, the ability to speak to and command spiders. He also knows almost every martial art under the sun. Where he learned these skills is a mystery, a mystery too dark and mysterious to ever be exposed, unless Duarcan is feeling bored and decides to write something about them.

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