Echelon, aka 'Ech'

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the overkill lucky action man

Race/Species: Human.

Alignment: Insanely, Mass-Destructively Chaotic Good

Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 165.5 lbs

Appearance: Same as avatar; short, stocky, brown hair, urban camo overshirt, jungle camo pants, and black boots. Wears a black t-shirt that says 'Toast.'

Weapons: Limitless arsenal, somehow pulled from pockets or from inside overshirt (subconscious Hammerspace usage?). Weapons range from M4A1 Carbine ARs, to shoulder-mounted missile launchers (moslty leans toward SMGs and pistols, though). Ammo tends to conform to the situation... as in he runs out at the worst possible time.
Does not carry energy weapons, save for a 50,000 volt tazer. As for melee weapons, anything within reach will do, including people and/or their severed limbs.

Armor: None, really. (See Abilities)

Strengths: None at all. He's physically weak, and will announce this whenever convenient. But when faced with hand to hand or close-range combat, think of Yoda in Episode 2. But hopped up on caffeine, carrying a lead pipe and spouting obscenities.

Abilities: Pure dumb luck. Bullets miss by inches, random passersby walk in front of sniper shots, always disarms bombs with the timer at 00:00:01, though more often setting them himself...
Also happens to own a fully-functonal Quantum Bio-Reconstruction Machine, that senses his death via quantum-entanglement and respawns him. Takes him a while to fully recover from ressurection, though.

Weaknesses: Overkill. He sends hundreds of bullets flying at enemies, but rarely bothers to aim. He'll set off volleys of missiles without locking on. He's better at vehicle acrobatics than actually driving them. So, to defeat him, crash a starship into him, stab him when he isn't looking, walk up behind him and fire a gun directly into his head, etc.

So, in short, he's a typical action-movie-hero-esque guy. So, what do ya say, is my design within the limits of warthreading?

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