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The College Roomies from Hell!!! Forum has a large number of postings from all over the world. With a group with "any significant amount of intelligence and egos" (quoted from the boards), there are bound to be differences in opinions and conflict. So if we take things with a grain of salt, we can avoid arguments.

The forum was meant first and foremost, for the discussion of the webcomic. This includes detailed debates on what is going on in the CRFH world to theories of what may happen in the future. We also have War/Party/Nonsense threads. In addition, we have fanarts, fanfics, fanfilks, etc... Lastly, we have (OT) and (META) threads, (OT) threads are Off-Topic threads which are not related to the comic or forum; (META) threads have topics which relate to the forum but not the comic. For courtesy sake, we encourage such threads to have the relevant tag in their titles.

For more helpful hints and suggestions visit the Survival Guide to the CRFH Forums created and maintained by JustPlainBob.


These are basic, common definitions of popular terms and organisations among the CRFH fandom, enough to get you started.


April's Fools
A fan club for the boardies who suffer PSL for April. Founded by Dusty, and the oldest official fan club.
Boardie-Con, a general term for any unofficial arranged meeting of more than one boardie in real life, and also the name of the official annual CRFH boardies convention.
A poster in the family of Keenspot Forums/the CRFH Forum.
Talix, CrusherJoe, and Ronin. A running gag( their uncanny tendency to post very closely within each other and with similar trains of thoughts) gone wrong.
D&B (Dave & Blue)
Founded by Lord Mork, this society sincerely believes that Blue Green is the ideal partner for David Jones.
D&M (Dave & Margaret)
A term originally coined by himi and one of the oldest organisations on the Board, D&M is another sometimes fanatical group which strongly believes that Margaret is the best choice for Dave. Led by ElObscuro.
The "X&Y" format is also used regularly when discussing or speculating on the Roomies' relationships, so expect to see M&M (Mike and Marsha), R&D (Roger and Diana) and even silly stuff like Fluffy & Pepe or Blue & Paul...
FDS (Flat Dave Society)
A society that would like to do naughty PSL-related things with Dave. Led by DemonCat, The Black Cupid, and Maboo.
An aggressive posting responding to another, with the intent of upsetting the original poster (this should be avoided). A flame is a random occurrence. Repeated occurrences are normally the result of a troll. Ignore them.
FLEET (Not really an acronym, despite numerous attempts to coin one)
A group spawned by war threads and PFFs (in fact, created during a PFF) to both discuss and keep an eye on them, and it also handles general SF matters to avoid flooding the IRC channel with technobabble. FLEET also runs the Boardieverse. Created by Loweko, but lead by an insidious cabal.
Funky Horror
A general-purpose phrase (coined by DemonCat) with many meanings.
  1. A superlative or exclamation - "The horror! The funky horror!". Has been used on the CRFH banner and link graphics, and generally implies shocked approval. Many variations exist, such as "funkiness", etc.
  2. A term sometimes used to describe Maritza, particularly by the cartoonist herself.
  3. Various places in and around CRFH as a reference to the above - so far it has been a rollercoaster during The Adversary and t:#Name of the space station manned by the FLEET.
HCT (Hair Color Theory)
A belief in which the significant other of a comic character is decided upon by hair color. Can be further explained and debunked in this thread.
IDOL (Indefinitely Dispater's Official Lackey)
A cult whose members worship Dispater for the quality of his Fan-art. Founded by Demon Cat; ruled by Dispater.
Maritza's Minions
A collection of web comic authors who are inspired/mentored by Maritza - Founded by Maboo
A new poster in the message board. Is judged by either time, or number of posts. According to Maritza a "newbie" has one week or less posting and/or less than 100 posts. In practice, anywhere from 3-6 months on the board. Also, a term used by members of the old Keenspot Forums for the new crop of Boardies who showed up with the new Forums.
PFF( Participation FanFic)
A piece of fan-created fiction that requires volunteers from the audience for some reason or other. See the Survival Guide for more details.
An expression of joy or excitement, it all started when Kiki, a ferret in the webcomic, Sluggy Freelance, made her debut appearance and her characteristic "poings of joy/excitement".
PSL( Perverse Sexual Lust)
Coined in the forums of the webcomic "It's Walky", this term became popular and quickly spread around and is used to describe the desiring of a Roomie(s). BSL is the same concept, but lusting after a fellow Boardie. In both cases, they vary in degrees from "crushes" to Extreme Lust.
Society dedicated to maintaining order and general polite decorum. Founded by Urban and quite widespread.
SMART( Steve And Mary-Anne's Repulsive Twits)
A society that is convinced that Steve and Mary-Anne are such a twisted pair they'd make a perfect couple. Founded by Godboy after being created in his fancomics, and steadily growing.
noun - a person that actively tries to get the board into a chaotic state by using inflammatory statements.
Verb - the act of using inflammatory statements to purposely upset the members of the board
Don't feed them. In other words, the best response to a troll is to ignore them.

Past Societies

These are societies that have passed on into the sands of time and history. They may no longer operate in the present, but as part of our heritage, we honour them in this list so that future CRFHies may know and learn of our past. Besides, the oldbies may talk about them from time to time. ;)

YADA( Yonaka's Artistic Drawing Admirers)
Boardies whom have expressed a raised level of appreciation for the fan-art created by fellow boardie, Yonaka. Founded by Ronin.

There are also dozens of small fanclubs, personal followings, and so on (DC's CLAWS, Coyotegirl's COOL, Dagda's MANTIS etc), but the turnover rate among them is so fast this FAQ couldn't hope to keep up. If you're curious about a specific acronym, ask...you never know, people might answer ;)

Common Questions

Comic Strip Related Questions

How old are the characters?
The estimated age of the Roomies is 18-20 years old, and Blue is 16.
When do the strips get updated?
Officially? It's supposed to be Midnight Mérida time (equivalent to US Central), but it may delay till 1:00 AM. Anything beyond that, and you may start panicking.
Maritza was going to kill Dave?!?!
Sad, but true. In the storyline "Mushroomies from Hell", Maritza decided to kill Dave, and she did( when Satan took away his soul). The outcry of the boardies was such that she decided to allow Dave to come back to life. Be thankful.
Did Maritza 'ACTUALLY' destroy a strip?
Yes she did. When Dave was having Satan-inspired dreams in the storyline "The End of All Things", she drew a strip where Dave remembers his brief stay in hell (induced by Satan taking his soul then). Maritza made a first version where Dave was being tortured in a horrible way, in plain sight... She then had second thoughts and destroyed that first version. The definitive version of that strip is this one. Many boardies have asked to see the first version, but well, it was 'destroyed'.
How far in advance does Maritza prepare the strips?
Depending on circumstances, the illustrations are done the day before, but the scripting can be done up to a month in advance.
Will Maritza really change the storyline if I guess it in advance?
NO! When you think about it, that sounds pretty silly in the first place.
Why is Maritza EVIL!!!?
She's mischievous, cunning, and loves putting her characters into situations that leave the boardies frothing at the mouth. She gets her kicks from it. ;)
I have spotted a reference! LOOK!
CRFH is packed with references both real and imaginary. Talk about it in a speculation thread.
You guys are AWARE that the characters are not real, right?
Blasphemer! Don't say that too loud, or you shall be duct taped to the wall!!!
What's with the duct tape?
Don't ask. You'll find out soon enough.

Board Related Questions

How do I post an image( such as fanart) to the boards?
There are several ways to go about posting an image. If it is a fanart, you can always use the Gallery to upload your image; or you could get a free website from numerous providers( [1] has a searchable database of available providers). If all else fails, you can also ask a fellow CRFHie to upload the picture for you( remember to ask nicely!).

Once you have uploaded the image, use phpBB code to put the image in your post: [img]http://www.whatever.com/picture[/img]

Can you tell me more about phpBB codes?
Keenspot has a great little page to help you out at [2]
How do I edit/delete a post?
Once a post is on the board, only the creator of that post can edit it. To do so just click the edit icon File:Http://forums.keenspot.com/templates/Keenspot2/images/lang english/icon edit.gif Your post will open for your editing pleasure. Note that this sticks a little "This message was edited" note at the bottom of your post if someone has replied to it.
If you want to just delete the post in question, click the X icon next to the edit button, but be warned! If someone has already replied to your post, you won't be able to delete it. You can, however, edit it to a single dash or "nothing to see here" message.
I posted in a thread and now it is gone! What happened?
Occasionally, threads are deleted by the creator of the thread, or by Maritza. This doesn't happen very often so normally when a thread disappears it is just a glitch is the system, and it can be recovered by the Keenspot administrators. With the march of technology this happens less and less these days.
How do I do one of those signature things?
The signature is part of the Keenspot Profile. Look at the top of the page, under the post new reply button, and there is a link to profile. Log in, and on the form there is an area for signature. For politeness sake, try to keep the signature either quite small or large but rarely used.
What is the CRFH Code?
The code is a way for loyal CRFHies to show how they feel about ideas/issues in CRFH!!! in a code form. The code was originally compiled by Derakon but through time and storylines the code has evolved - the most recent "Code Generator" is here, created by Alfedenzo.
For example, this is Maritza's code...
CRFH Code v3.1 !R !D&M WB+++ F+++ PSL++ U+ IRC++++ RM++ BSL- !RPG !P I+++ E++ !GN !AI
What is the deal with DemonCat and Dave?
DemonCat has an extreme case of PSL for Dave, and is very possessive. She will take the duct tape to you if you wander too close.
What's With The Poking?!?!
It is the tradition of the CRFH boards to poke new posters. Some boardies are extremely zealous about upholding the tradition (beware of the Pokinators) while others give cookies, pies, and or other sundries in a form of welcome. The pokings don't hurt (much), and once you have been poked you have the same honor, priviledge and duty to greet other new posters in the same manner. Maritza has issued the following guidelines about poking:
"One poking per newbie. No kilting, no cookie giving, no nothing. Also, the poker has also to welcome the newbie after the poking. Also, the poker needs to say something relevant to the thread in his post too, not just the poking and the welcome."
These are the words of Maritza, heed them well. It is, however, a point of Board honor that creating a thread solely to say hello means anyone can poke you (and apply cookies, kilts, and all the rest) any number of times in said thread, since it's not disrupting any other discussions.
Is Thread Resurrecting Bad?
As Maritza said: "No resurrecting dead threads just because". Thread necromancy (as Maritza calls it) is only good when you're pointing to a topic related to something more actual, and even then it's preferable to create a new thread, link to the dead thread, and continue the discussion in the new thread - this is as much a practical issue as anything else, since time and server migrations have meant a lot of old threads are partially corrupted. A dead thread is generally taken to be a thread that has fallen off the third page of the backlog.
How do I do those cool smilies that aren't on the phpBB site?
Additional smilies can by found at www.mysmilies.com or Plauder Smilies
Who Is Archbishop Thomas Cranmer(Deceased)?
ATC(D) is the Patron Saint of some Boardies. A long-dead head of the Protestant church of England, he was invoked first here, and repeatedly so in a short space of time in order to complete the summoning ritual. Wars have been waged in his name, just ask the participants in BoardieCon: Europa '04. It is customary to offer him as an option in any poll posted, to appease him and stop his hunger for human flesh. His battlecry of "Justice Will Be Served!" can strike fear into his enemies, and hope into the hearts of allies.
I Don't Get The Brick Joke
During one BoardieCon, various Boardies gathered around one day to watch some episodes of Freakazoid. One particular episode involved the brick. To quote Maritza, "It was that, but not just that. At some point, everything Freakazoid would say was "brick". They show him a pencil, he says "brick." They show him assorted random things, he says "brick." They show him a brick... and something very funny happens."

IRC Related Questions

What is #crfh? Where is #crfh? (yeah, I know, but the questions are related)
#crfh is an Interet Relay Chat room on us.nightstar.net where boardies and other fans of CRFH meet, greet, talk, and otherwise do wierd things to and with each other. ;) Yes, Maritza visits CRFH frequently. You can get to #crfh by using an IRC client (mIRC, and pirch are two examples for Windows, and Ircle and ShadowIRC for Mac) or by using any web-based client. You will need to change the channel to #crfh and the server to us.nightstar.net for the following options:
Another option would be to use a search engine (like Google) to find a client you like better.
  • Two Minute Rule? What's that?:

The two minute rule is where it is requested that you announce your departure two minutes in advance, thus giving everyone enough time to say bye or whatnot.


First, and most importantly, we thank Maritza for giving us all the characters that we have grown to know and love.

I would also like to thank all the boardies who helped me get the faqs straight and contribute to this page. Finally, I would like to thank everyone for reading this FAQ. Now, go post, visit us in #crfh or read the strip!

All characters ©Maritza Campos 1999-2008 www.crfh.net

OCD Questions

Fleetlogo.gif This page contains information copied or paraphrased from the OCD FLEET site.

General Questions

What the heck is going on here?!
Ah, you're new. See Boardieverse Questions.
I understand what all this refers to. Still, what IS it?
It's one big site collecting all the concepts, backstory, and general ideas behind the Boardieverse, ably written by #fleet's crack teams of writers, physicists, and engineers, and then drawn by any artists we could get our hands on. Oh, and it's a 24-page comic about the Boardies therin, too, drawn and coloured by the expert hands of Maritza Campos. That's the reason we've been foreboding about this for so long...
Why not? Seriously, we've written about the universe for over two years now. This time, we wanted people to actually see it.
Is any of this stuff canon?
Well, it's certainly Boardieverse canon...but CRFH? My my, that would upset a few speculators, wouldn't it? Maritza did indeed pitch in on some areas, contributed suggestions in others, and on occasion even politely asked we edit some things to remove material Not Yet Ready For The Sight Of Man, but I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for the Funky Horror to suddenly turn up in "real" CRFH, no.
And no, we're not saying which bits.
You're all lamers diluting and demeaning the CRFH fandom with your pathetic drivel!
Go away. We have hats, and we're not afraid to use them on your sort.

Boardieverse Questions

Okay. Now what the heck is going on here?
The Boardieverse is a fanmade CRFH spinoff, taking the form you see here. It originated in a series of fanfics posted to the CRFH forums, which postulated a version of the CRFH world where all the various running gags in the forum are true. The various traits and quirks of the Board are all based on the long-running conventions and atmosphere of the Keenspot forum, and the characters are based on the avatars of many regular (or formerly regular) posters. In this version, we have tried to edit them to keep the injokes down and make the story more understandable to a casual reader.
What's with the space station?
The Funky Horror is the most enduring (and popular) Boardieverse icon, being the orbital base where the Boardies make their home. It has appeared in RPGs, starred in war threads, had game levels set aboard it, and has even managed to sneak into canon CRFH in a few places, which is quite a feat of stealth for something that big.
And Speculation?
The original CRFH webcomic updates at 11pm PST every weekday. The more ardent fans then immediately start topics on the forum discussing it. The B/verse simply imagines what their information-hungry obsession would look like if they had lots of equipment to play with and a massive budget...
And the guys in black uniforms?
Black uniforms on a character signify membership of FLEET. Despite actually being created in one of the original fanfics, FLEET are a group of real-world CRFH fans who decided the put-upon characters of the original webcomic needed some heavy backup and heavier firepower. Of course, the Boardieverse took this to the logical extreme and actually gave their avatars a battlefleet, but

that's a matter for Board history... 'And this Goddess thingy? "The avatar of CRFH's writer/artist, Maritza Campos. Calling her a Goddess is a very, very old fandom tradition. And we know what happens to those in this universe, don't we?

Can I join this? Can I? CanICanICanICanI? I've got this peachy-keen hyperwonderdreadnought, I call it Mittens, and a sword of pure unobtainium that can...
Please may I seek you out with the hope of proving myself, through good deeds and creative works, sufficiently to be considered for inclusion?
That's a bit more like it. Please, universe first, then any new ideas. We're on the Nightstar IRC network, and our minions hang out in the official #crfh channel. We also have eyes everywhere! If you interest us sufficiently, you will be...contacted.
Last, but not least, what does PDS/ABC stand for?
Point-Defence System/Anti-BattleCraft - lasers, countermissiles, and other ultratech equivalents of the modern anti-aircraft gun.
I know all your secrets! I cracked your passwords, broke into your servers, and stole all your top-secret plans! I know everything! You cannot hide from meeeee!
Go away, Fletch.

Comic Strip Questions

(Note: The comic in question may be found here.)

Firstly, the one we've gotta' deal with, because it always gets asked...
Why wasn't I in it?
There are a dozen reasons, most of which can be summed up as either "wasn't online that week" or "all the slots were full by the time we got round to your name". Not appearing does not necessarily mean we hate you. But that doesn't mean we had a duty to put anybody in, either, no matter how iconic they thought they were.
And by way of a hint, everyone who did get included

contributed something, ranging from money to artwork, to either this project or ones before it. What goes around, comes around.

On to nicer, less fraught questions...
What's with Page 26?
Page 26 is a "bonus page", akin to the ones at the back of the CRFH print comics. This project was originally conceived as a

print comic, and this page (intended to help shed some light on the Boardies in this warped version of CRFH) stuck around.

Who is X/Y/guy in funny hat on page Z?
Go read the "Notable Persons" section. With a single exception (see below), they're all detailed there.
Who's the guy in the robe on page 6?
Jappus, noted orator/speculator on the CRFH forums. At the time, his avatar was of a robed and hooded figure, showing only a protruding nose.
What's that "BBBR" business on page 7?
NSD sees everything in terms of Magic: The Gathering cards. In other words, it's a minor in-joke. Suffice it to say, he has analysed the incident and deemed it Bad News.
Page 22. A giant...organ?
Of course FLEET play a giant organ as they perform dramatic deeds. They're exhibitionists to a man.
Much as the image of a massive starship firing teenybopper music at people might amuse, the Protocol is actually the music to be played AS the massive guns fire. Like the poignant piano music that plays whenever war films pan across slow-motion scenes of devastation, but sillier.
How Freu...

--- End Transmission ---

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