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[[french, "Black Film"] 1. A cheesy detective film subgenre of the 1940 and 1950 decades, characterized by its moody, grayscaled atmosphere. Maritza's use of this theme in the "Red Green Noir" storyline is amazing.

FilmBuff writes: " While Film Noir didn't become a huge mainstream genre until the end of WWII, and hit its peak during the early 50's, many people remember it as a 40's genre because that's when most of the groundbreaking films noir were produced. The most notable example is The Maltese Falcon, which many consider to be the definitive film noir; it was made in 1941 (and was actually a remake of a slightly inferior 1931 film by the same name). "

" But, because noir as a mainstream genre spanned both the 40's and 50's, Maritza's wonderful headlines (the ones in this comic, which are 50's in style, as noted by DeadLander) are perfectly valid, as well as being thoroughly amusing. "

(Ed.Note: While this might be debatable, esp. the The Maltese Falcon bit, I shall dare not discuss FilmBuff's legendary knowledge about film history - lgm)

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