Funky Horror

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Fleetlogo.gif This page contains information copied or paraphrased from the OCD FLEET site.

A billion tons of spinning metal...

A city in space, the Funky Horror sits in Lagrange Point 4 in high orbit, balanced between the Earth and the Moon. Up here was one place the Board and their Goddess were certain of not being disturbed. Attempting to quantify it as "just" a space station is missing the point - it is a home away from home for almost the entire Board, their innate weirdness warping it beyond mere metal and plastic into a very strange place indeed.

Built in secret, first at foundries across the world in thousands of separate modules, and then blasted into orbit from the huge launch base in Mexico to be mated with sections constructed in zero-gravity, the Funky Horror was built as the ultimate self-contained headquarters. Internal hydroponics, construction and refinery equipment make the massive station self-sufficient almost indefinitely, although regular supply runs ensure the Board's constant drive to experiment and create is stoked with exotic materials unavailable in space. Massive ECM facilities and cloaking modules keep the station hidden from prying eyes, and a sleeper network in media outlets and astrophysics laboratories ensures humanity remains quietly unaware of the deity that walks among them. A globe-spanning network of spy satellites and finely-tuned passive sensor arrays ensure the blackout is most certainly not two-way.

Home away from home for the Boardies aboard her, the Funky Horror's crew is commensurate with her size, with over 100,000 engineers, operations staff, and technicians needed to keep the base running. No less than seven fusion plants provide energy to the power-hungry Boardies, their fuel drawn from lunar ice, and a bizarre zero-point powerplant operates the infamous Reality Control Array, a warped piece of quasi-metaphysical "technology" donated by the Goddess to enable Boardies to coexist with an Einsteinian universe. Gigantic docking facilities that take up almost 30% of the immense station's volume allow for "dry dock" construction and repair of even FLEET's behemoths, alongside thousands of small-craft bays. A full wing of fighters is kept on standby at all times, as well as dropships and marine brigades ready for immediate deployment under all circumstances.

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