Hayasaka Kosei

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the psychotic kawaii mage

Race: Human
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 110 pounds

Kosei is....well....Kosei. She's not the strongest of the boardies, but she likes to think she can hold her own in a firefight.

Strengths: Kawaii-ishness, limited offensive magic, hammerspace. Resistant on the most part to PSL and BSL.

Weakneses: Kosei is, physically, a wuss. Pretty much anything that can kill a normal human will kill her, and any manadrain or anti-magic spell will also do so. When she has her "Hayasaka's Firewall" spell up, she gets limited immunity to non-energy projectiles, and if she runs into you, it's gonna hurt her more than it hurts you. Disabling hammerspace would leave her with only the weapons she already has on her person, and would therefore leave her vulnerable.

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