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  • Player: [[User:|Count Loot]]
  • Name: Heigan
  • Species or Race: Demon
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: Around 10,000 years.
  • Height: 6'4"
  • Weight: 220
  • Hair color: Black
  • Eye color: Red, pale blue when using his Mystic Eyes.
  • Typical Clothing: Long pants, boots, armor over the chest, military issue greatcoat.
  • Alignment: Neutral, crosses into Chaotic Evil while inverted.
  • Characteristic quote: "Looks like this just keeps gettin' better and better."
  • Strengths: Resistance to minor injury, accelerated healing, minor resistance to certain magics, powerful resurrection magic.
  • Weaknesses: Holy magic, greatly underestimates opponents, strong anti-magic can mess up his healing ability/resurrection.
  • Special Powers and Skills: Many magic spells, with the most common ones being Photon Lancer and its various "shifts" determining its strength (phalanx, extension, and genocide); Shadow Pulse, which temporarily paralyzes the area it hits; Ragnarok, three simultaneous blasts of raw magical energy; and Starlight Breaker, which absorbs and condenses residual magic in a given area and focuses it into a coherent beam of destruction. He possesses Mystic Eyes, that can grant minor precognition and immunity to effects that impair vision at the cost of slowly damaging his eyes over time. Recently obtained the ability to manifest a Reality Marble, which can overwrite existence and give form to a mental world of sorts. Most details of this have yet to be revealed, however a partial manifestation conjured dozens of black spikes that absorb magical energy.
  • Weaponry: His default weapon is a large sword that can transform into other weapons at will. Recently upgraded with a magic cartridge based enhancement system and a more powerful Arc-Drive power boost system. He can shape the shards from his reality marble into weapons that destabilize and absorb magic.
  • Equipment: Along with his armor, his coat has been magically enhanced for greater protection. He tends to carry several cubes with stored magic in them, most commonly binding spells or simply condensed magic for makeshift flash bombs.
  • Ship: The Testament, a midsized battle cruiser. With main guns capable of leveling cities in a matter of minutes, and the ability to drop in and out of subspace, it is not a vessel to be taken lightly. It also carries a Vector Cannon, a weapon that tears open a rift in space-time, and pulls in everything within its range.

Description: Heigan is generally laid back, however he can become deadly serious if necessary. When pushed beyond the breaking point, he's been known to experience what he calls an "inversion impulse," an unstoppable rage where he loses all sense of self preservation, ignoring injuries that would fell even the most powerful beings. When this happens, he generally casts away his weapons and armor, instead prefiguring to tear his enemies apart with his claws. He has a habit of disagreeing with certain plans, but he always follows them unless he knows that it will end up going poorly. His ship is his home, and he treats his crew like family. He will generally avoid outright cheating in a fight, however he has nothing against exploiting opponent's flaws to his advantage.

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