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the chocolate-flavored computer geek

himi (pronounced him-ee) is a mid-twenties hardcore computer geek, chocolate, coffee and Sandra fanatic. He also has a habit of morphing into a charcoal grey mostly normal house cat: normal aside from being unusually strong - capable of carrying a smallish human, so nothing exceptional - and capable of talking, drinking coffee, being smug and self-satisfied, and other standard human^Wcat traits.

In his human form he's about 5'8", solidly built and somewhat overweight (too much time in front of a computer), with brown hair and a full beard. He's a natural athlete, though far too unfit to make much use of this: good reflexes, excellent balance, just not enough speed or stamina.

Personality wise he's intelligent, fairly logical, rational, and sensible, highly educated, with a tendency to suffer from a superiority complex (hey, he's just plain smarter than you guys ;-P ). He has a rather powerful temper that's usually kept well under control - if he seems angry, it's because he's /really/ angry. He has a terribly dirty mind, and a rather dodgy sense of humour.

As far as powers of attack or defense go, he has very few: his primary "attack" is probably covering the victim in chocolate sauce . . . Most of his other attacks are also chocolate-based, since he is the proud posessor of the keys to a "chocolate thingy machine": a machine capable of creating a chocolate /anything/, from oranges all the way up to living breathing chocolate Roomie clones . . . These are always made of very fine quality chocolate, either dark/bitter or milk, sometimes flavoured (orange flavoured being a favourite), and inevitably /delicious/. The only problem is that they melt a little way below body temperature . . .

He's also a serious hardcore computer geek: primarily a programmer, but just generally capable of making computers do what he wants them to do (even if they're not really meant to do that . . .) A hacker, in the original (good) sense. Specialising in systems (ie, operating system and services level stuff), networking, and security. A Unix nut - none of these windows toys . . .

The only other thing he has is his coffee mug. The most basic of it's abilities is simple: regardless of what is put into it or taken out of it, and regardless of /how/ this may be done (note for Shen: portalling something in makes no difference here), it is always around two thirds full of very good coffee. More generally, the mug is a reality altering device: waved in just the right way, it can be used to effect any desired change in the universe's reality. There are two gotchas, both rather big: you have to know the right way to wave it and be able to actually wave it that way; and the mug is semi-sentient (rather like the Luggage in Pratchett's Discworld books), and tends to be rather reluctant to actually do any real work - the only thing it's consistent about is the coffee. It also appears to have rather a liking for himi - if someone attempts to steal it or use it's powers, it will generally resist: the most common "resistance" is simply changing reality so that the theft never took place. If it doesn't like you, slightly less pleasant things might happen . . . Also, being lent the mug will only guarantee you good coffee, nothing more - the "higher powers" are generally reserved for himi's use.

All of these things are available to him regardless of his form - the only difference morphing makes is changing size/strength, and the fact that purring is a lot easier for a cat. Oh, and a tail is just /so/ expressive . . . ;-)

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