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  • Player: Steven
  • Name: Honj
  • Species or Race: Humanoid
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: Equivilant to a human in his twenties
  • Height: 190cm
  • Weight: 80kg
  • Hair color: Black
  • Eye color: Black
  • Typical Clothing: Robes and Jewelry
  • Appearance: Honj generaly wears robes of red, orange, yellow and gold. Sometimes black.
  • Occupation: Artificer and Runesmith
  • Strengths: Very gifted at magic of all types Honj is particularly focused on rune craft and artifice. Using magical items allows him to perform feats of magic that would be very draining to a wizard under normal conditions.
  • Weaknesses: On the flip side it limits his versatility to what he prepared for and it takes weeks, months or even years to create a new artifact. When using other forms of magic Honj, while still having huge amounts of power, tires very quickly due to lack of magical endurance.He is also fairly inexperienced in combat and although he has a basic idea of fencing he has never faced an opponent in a 'life or death' situation.
  • Special Powers and Skills: Crafting artifacts, gold/silver/black smith, can sculpt, draw and build any number of things. Honj also has an uncanny ability to learn things. He can absorb huge amounts of information in short periods of time and has perfect recall.
  • Weaponry: His main weapon is a powerful wand, a replacement he crafted after his first one was destroyed by Omega in an incident that also removed his hand and two of the rings mentioned above. The new wand has been expanded from the flame and force wielding version to include other abilities and now has four jewels set just above the handle.
  • Equipment: Coin sized disks of various metals that have been enchanted to perform many tasks such as expanding, flying, making their edges into razor sharp blades.Many rings each ring having a different spell bound into it. Rings used so far include: A small ring that expands to form a porthole through which Honj can travel; A ring that fires a 'Midas beam' which turns things to gold; and a ring which causes a field of force to condense around a target gradually thickening until it locks the target in place. Another item used was a small cage expanded to become a strong protective shield.
  • Likes: Study, magic, art, music and working with his hands.
  • Dislikes: Demons and magic users who deal with them and/or other spirits.
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