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[ acronym, "Imaginary Floating Wiser April" ]
April's imaginary floating wiser self. Found eight times in the comic (ten if you count two guest comics in "KiddieRFH!!!", and then there's an earlier episode where April is found talking to herself in the "Who needs Cthulhu when you have Calculus?" storyline), her role has been mostly of a wise counselor, visible only to April, who finds her rather annoying. IFWA always looks exactly like April, wearing her same clothes and having the same hair color...

Important quote from IFWA about herself and April: "Right. Enjoy your life. After all, I'm not the one who lives with her (Margaret). And should I remind you that YOU wanted to get out to the "Real World" with the "Normal People"? Well, this is it! You..."

IFWA's rather dramatic last (ever? Unlike nearly everybody else, I don't think so - lgm) appearance was near the end of the "Dislexia" storyline, while April still had perfect (but green!) hair; see it for yourself. The last panel says it all.

(Ed.Note: Please use this order: "Imaginary", then "Floating", then "Wiser". This, and no other, is the ordering found in the comic. Woe to those who still write "IWFA". - lgm)

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