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Apart from the infamous NotA, there is very little of this universe that can consistently evoke horror from Boardies of all experience levels in the way that Jappus Porn does. Trans-dimensional abominations accidentally summoned by M-Division are sufficiently common to only cause sanity problems for newbies yet to surrender theirs. Even the minions of the Adversary tend to evoke massed volley fire from blessed plasma weapons rather than fear (though loathing is always an option). Terror is for civilians, but Board personnel often sign up for the demon-splatting.

The true horror of Jappus Porn is that it is produced from within the realms of the Board itself.

List of known episodes

This episode list contains only those positively identified by Archive Memetic Hazard Tracking personnel as "in circulation". Others are either subject to lawyerbot injunctions against release or have been withheld due to personal threats against the production staff and/or their souls.

  • Jappus Porn
  • Jappus Porn 2: Bulbous Noses and Bulbous [REDACTED]
  • Jappus Porn 3: The Ultimate Collectors Erection
  • Jappus Porn 4: Demon Cats go all the way
  • Jappus Porn 6: Special Edition: Lubricated Oily Goodness
  • Jappus Porn 7: The Ultimate Collection
  • Jappus Porn 8: Steamy, steamier, Sophomore Shower Scenes
  • Jappus Porn 9: Vegetable Delight
  • Jappus Porn 12: Blowing in the Wind
  • Jappus Porn 14: ISS - International Sexiness Station
  • Jappus Porn 15: Fletch-Man: The last nipple stand
  • Jappus Porn 17: Jamaican Hunks and Hunkettes
  • Jappus Porn 18: The Wind Beneath My Whangs
  • Jappus Porn 23: Now with 42% more tentacles
  • Jappus Porn 24: The Universe in a Mudpit
  • Jappus Porn 28: Faster, Higher, Thongier
  • Jappus Porn 38: Things are getting sticky
  • Jappus Porn 69: Hot, Dotty, and Naughtier

History behind the curtain

Beginning on the older Keen boards, Jappus Porn started in the manner of most forum-related running jokes: a misread thread title that lead to fanart, which was then adopted by the user in question.

The episode list above was originally sourced from this forum post on Keen.

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