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the Bemani master (?)

Excerpt from The Adventures Of Jeff Lionheart Game Manual

Full Name, Middle Initial: Jeff P. Lionheart

Occupation (cover): Professional Gamer

Occupation (real): Freelance Spy

Abilities: Bemani Mastery.

Notes: He's normally very weak, but while listening to music, Jeff P. Lionheart has extreme speed as well as a bullet time effect. It is belived that this is used in combination with background music to give him his professional gamer abilities. It is known that he can dodge bullets in this mode. If in combat, he prefers to dart around the room taunting an occasionally unleashing a powerful attack.

Other Skills: Strategy.

Notes: Jeff Lionheart seems to possess an acute strategy system for avoiding guards. However, in practice, he is often unable to perform such complex stealth maneuvers without resorting to Bemani Mastery, which usually shoots stealth straight to hell.

Other Skills:Professional Gamerism.

Jeff's cover as a professional gamer (winner of the "World's Ultimate Gamer" competition three years running) seems to have given him skills such as piloting mecha and ships in practice. However, in reality, he is defeated by such things usually by things that are not covered in games (like calculating the air resistance of a missile in a vaccum vs in space, anything in a ship NOT connected to the Joystick, et cetera.)

Weaponry known: Jeff Lionheart seems to always carry a SOCOM pistol. If he knows that he is going to be in trouble, he carries an AK-47. In extreme emergencies, he has a stinger missile "Borrowed" from Hayasaka Kosei's hammerspace with the symbol of the Phoenix emblazoned on both the launcher and rounds. Also carries "Power Bracelets", items which increase his arm strength. Can go into an "Overclock" mode for 6 seconds, where his increased strength is increased even more, but then the bracelets are drained and deactivate.

Weaknesses: Jeff will eventually tire and afterwards, a single bullet to a non "Designated Good Guy Area" will put him down. Always shouts out the names of his attacks before performing them. Seems to have a bit more resistance regarding melee weaons, however.

Appearance: Always wears a red jacket and blue clothes and pants. They seem to delfect lasers of the same color. Also, always has a pair of sunglasses that appear to have a built-in MP3 player and Radio/Video. He said that removing them would cause a "Whole bunch of Mr. Shineys." Analyse.
Personality: Comes off as a bit hot-headed and agressive. Has a excellent memory for useless things like video game and anime quotes, but is unlikely to remember a name.

Update- File 2


Jeff Lionheart is not a natural pure-bred human. Late evidence has been suggested that he has been Gene-Tweaked, and can take teperatures of up to 5000 degrees. His clothes also catch fire, but do not burn off. (He said something about a PG-13 rating... send that upstairs for analysis.) A weaknesss appears to be also attached to that... when fully immersed in cold water, Jeff Lionheart is knocked out. However, before he could drown, he was dragged out by another "Boardie" and had hot water poured on him. It was belived that that effect was psychological, as after Jeff woke up the Boardie chewed him out, commenting something about Anime and someone named "Takahashi".

Bemani Mastery Section

Jeff has 100 stamina points, slowly recovering them after usage. If Jeff has no stamina left, he will be unable to perform a dodge or attack. He seems to have gotten better at taking damage from melee weapons, however.

Dodge- 5 Points - Dodges one attack Impressive Dodge- 10 points -Dodges and counters Lionhearted Dodge- 15 points - Dodges for 10 seconds Anime Jump- 5 points - Jumps very high Hyper Punch - 5 Points - Charges and Punches (Heavy Metal Queen) Jumping Blast - 5 points - Anime Jumps and fires with AK (Mushroom Samba) Flipper - 3 points - Flips a foe onto the ground (Stray Dog Strut) Projectile Punch - 3 Points - Jumping strong punch (Asteroid Blues) Rolling Attack - 8 points - Dodges in several directions, strong punch (Gateway Shuffle) Striking Melody - 10 points - 3 Strong punches, with pauses in between. (Ganymede Elegy) Rolling Blast- 10 points - Rolls to one side, fires AK, repeat twice. (Bohemian Rhapsody) More to come...

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