Jordan Kent

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  • Player: Kum-El
  • Name: Jordan Kent (formerly Experiment 13)
  • Species or Race: Genetically engineered Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 3 months (chronologically)/approx. 17 years (biologically)
  • Height: 5'11"
  • Weight: 170lbs
  • Hair color: Brown
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Appearance: With his brown hair and blue eyes, and features that are remarkably similar to his parents, most people who don't know the family don't even realize that Jordan is adopted until it's brought up for some reason. Also, while a genuine smile is rare, Jordan does tend to have a slight upward tilt to one side of his mouth or the other.
  • Occupation: Farmboy
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Special Powers and Skills: Electrokinesis


  • Jordan is almost always unfailingly polite, mainly as a way to make up for his lack of social ability in most areas. This is because his emotions are stunted, possibly because of the rapid aging he was subjected to during his first two months of life. He is incapable of feeling any major emotions, such as anger, fear, hatred, joy, or love. Despite this, and the fact that he unfortunately seems quite capable of feeling depressed, he's generally a nice guy to be around.
  • Jordan is fiercely loyal to his family


  • Jordan was 'born' in a lab, having been genetically engineered by a team of scientists. Un-named save for the designation 'Experiment 13' he was treated as no more human than a lab rat. The scientists aged him to 17 over the course of two months, stopped at various stages to perform tests as they did. The plan was to continue this process until he reached old age and died. He was their first viable subject, but his lack of emotions made him a failed experiment in their eyes, so all he was considered good for was research for their next try. Unknown to the scientists however, and amazingly not uncovered during any of the testing, Jordan had the ability to manipulate electricity. At the end of the second month, the night before he was scheduled to be aged into his twenties, the entire facility suffered a freak power outtage. Jordan took the opportunity to escape. He managed to reach the outskirts of Smallville, where he was found by Chris Kent and brought to the Kent Farm. It was at this point that he smiled for the first time, following the decision by E.C. and Lori to adopt him as a son. And it was E.C. who called him Jordan, naming him after his biological father, Jor-El.


  • Jonathan and Martha Kent (adoptive grandparents)
  • Clark Kent/Kal-El (adoptive uncle)
  • E.C. Kent (adoptive father)
  • Mike Kent (adoptive uncle)
  • Randal Kent/Cul-El (adoptive uncle)
  • Izzy Kent (adoptive aunt)
  • Lori Kent (adoptive mother)
  • Lois Lane (adoptive aunt)
  • Logan Kent (adoptive aunt)
  • Kara Zor-El (adoptive cousin)
  • Conner/Kon-El (adoptive 'cousin')
  • Chris Kent/Val-El (adoptive brother)
  • Matt Kent (adoptive cousin)
  • Mary Kent (adoptive cousin)
  • Joey Kent (adoptive cousin)

Dexam's Evaluation: "First off, let me reassure you both that as far as I can determine, Jordan is in as near-perfect as can be expected." The dragon pauses for a moment. "I'm not entirely sure how to begin explaining the rest, so I'll just dive right in. First off, Jordan wasn't lying when he said he's only three months old." Dexam looks at Jordan. "At first I thought it was just a prank in the manner that younglings are so often fond of, but after my analysis I have discovered all manner of physiological evidence that points to an accelerated growth program. It must have been rather... painful for your body to be forced to grow up so quickly. Also, I don't believe that Jordan knows how to lie, but I'll get to that later."

"Secondly, to put it quite bluntly and accurately, you are a mutant." Dexam swivels his head to look at Kum-El. "Jordan has genetic information attached to various chromosomes in his DNA that is additional to the standard Earth human genome. According to some research on my POST, this is sometimes clumsily referred to as 'the meta-gene'. This has manifested itself as an ability to influence and generate electro-magnetic fields."

"The presence of the 'meta-gene' has had some significant impact on your general physiology, but nothing major. Jordan's core body temperature is slightly higher than would be expected; and his liver and kidneys are slightly larger than average, but I suspect that is due to his unusual blood work. His blood contains exceptionally high levels of iron and electrolytes. I recommend a diet high in lean red meat - the rarer the better - and lots of vegetables. You may also want to consider iron and mineral supplements, especially if you are going to continue developing your abilities. Jordan's blood also contains a very high white blood cell count - he's a fast healer and he probably won't get sick very often. It's probably the reason that he survived the rapid growth program relatively unscathed."

Dexam stares unblinking at Kum-El. "Jordan's mental health is a different matter. His neurological pathways, quite frankly, are a mess. Some areas of the brain are severely overdeveloped, other areas severely underdeveloped. It would seem that whoever applied the rapid growth program also applied an accelerated learning program - with all the finess of a sledgehammer. This explains why we are able to converse with a human who has chronologically aged less than four months since their birth. This why I said that I don't think Jordan knows how to lie. He probably understands the concept of a lie, but doesn't understand how to do it - he hasn't learned how yet." Dexam continues to stare at Kum-El. "Expect sudden and violent changes in emotion from Jordan as neurochemicals from adult glands flow through what is essentially a child's brain. Anger, depression, happiness, emotionless. You will need to make him understand that whatever happens and whatever he does, it isn't his fault - it's just his neuro-chemistry trying to reach an equilibrium with his mind and the rest of his body as it develops."

He breaks his stare at Kum-El and looks at Jordan. "In other words, expect a long and difficult period of puberty." He returns his gaze to the Kryptonian. "Now, knowing this, are you sure your future self will still be willing to adopt him? The laws of causality say you must, but we all know that Boardies play pretty fast and loose with those laws."

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