Jordanis Jackal

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Freewheeling Mage

Jordanis (Male, Were-Jackal, 173 cm, 90 kg)

Characteristic Quote: "I'll show them! I'll show them A—what am I saying? This is a good way to attract heroic types with swords.”

Alignment: Free-standing

Abilities and Weaknesses: Marked as an incredibly powerful mage in his home reality, he is however less of a proper 'mage' and more of a psionicist. Most of his power derives from his ability to use his mind to manipulate the world around him. He is able, in essence, to channel energy from one thing to another. Kinetic, thermal, the energy of atomic bonds, any sort can be redirected and used. So, for instance, he could sap the kinetic energy of an incoming blade, redirect it back to the blade in reverse, or even redirect it to the skin of his opponent. Defeating him in open combat is thus quite hard, but there are several ways to do it.

He has, for instance, only eight telekinetic 'hands' with which to manipulate energy at one time. This weakness is more difficult to exploit than it sounds, however. His customary tactics involve using several of his channels to stop the atoms in the air from moving, creating a solid, transparent surface which he can move about at will. He has enough channels to create a full cube around himself and still have two leftover for attack. Pure numbers, then, are not the best method for overwhelming his defenses.

There are also, of course, the failings of the flesh. If you can keep him engaged long enough, he will exhaust himself, losing control of his channels one by one until he is defenseless. This takes some time, though it makes a good opportunity for an assassin after a long battle.

Third and perhaps most terribly, there is an inherant limit to the amount of energy he can channel at once. As a skilled mage, this limit is extremely high, but it is possible to simply pour more energy into his shields than his mind can redirect at once, at which point the energy grounds itself—through his brain.

There is also one very special application of his ability to redirect energy. He can redirect this energy on the quantum level, which has a very interesting and useful consequence. Namely, it is possible for him to 'reach' down and pull open one of the incredible number of tiny wormholes forming and unforming themselves endlessly in the quantum foam. What's more, he then push the fabric of spacetime through to his destination, creating what is in essence a person-sized wormhole to a specific place. These look very disconcerting, as they are quite literally holes in space-time. They seem almost to be windows to another place, visible only on the one side.

He is also able to split pieces of space-time off of their parent reality, creating a little pocket in the void between universes. It is in this manner that he managed to cross dimensions to this one. It would, of course, seem possible to simply push a wormhole through to the next dimension over, but the uninterrupted mixing of realities could have dangerous consequences—and anyway, he wouldn't be able to orient himself as to where to push through.

When it all comes down to it, he is physically nothing more than a mortal 90-kg bipedal talking dog with a couple of magical construct replacement limbs (a relic of one of the other realities he has passed through). Though he has teeth and blunt claws, that's obviously not much of a defense against a modern weapon. Thus he is highly vulnerable when tired, and a second challenge after an exauhsting battle would likely leave him either dead or running.

Also, most any round with magic-piercing abilities will leave him dead, unless he starts taking to more conventional means of protection.

Weaponry: He carries only his teeth and his spellcasting abilities as sidearms.

Equipment: Traditional-looking long blood-red robes, going down to his feet and out to his wrists in a single-layer, closed-and-belted garment. After that, just his staff, another affectation he acquired in his last reality.

Also, his Den. The Den is more of what we would call a mountaintop fortress than a humble burrow. It has a neutronium/chorozite shell around three levels of living and working space. Below, deeper in the mountain, there are laboratory and practice facilities, mines, forges, and all the other trappings of a proper fortress.

Pet Peeves: Cows. Don't ask, we don't know.

Quirks: Dispite his large amounts of power, he rarely uses it. He also makes an excellent lap-jackal... for the right people, at least.

Description: Fairly easygoing type with a deep-rooted desire to be well-liked by his peers. He tries to be polite and nice to everyone. It takes a long time for him to decide that someone is no longer worth the effort, but when that decision is reached, he will often become quite rude and somewhat mean to those sorts.

He is somewhat flamboyant, and enjoys the limelight, though he willingly stays out of it most of the time. His true personality can only really be gleaned through one-on-one conversation, as he either keeps quiet or showboats entirely in groups.

He has a dry sense of humor and an extensive knowlege of human psychology. Those two things combined sometimes result in him being called... "very droll". He is very fond of several expressions in the vein of "Bloody 'ell" and has been known to let slip the more than occasional "Erf".

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