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the master of morphing mage

White Male, 18, Blue eyes, Dark Brown Hair. Weight: 135-140
Height: 5' 8"
Species: Human. No, really! How he got the way he is is another story
Origin: USA, Earth, Sol System, Universe 0 (Where it all began)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class: Christian Mage


  • Can morph self and/or morph other objects (immoral to do so to people). A master at morphing, he has honed this ability to the point where he can create a snow storm out of air, maintaining a unique structure for each snowflake (Try drawing a million unique snowflakes and you'll get the picture), or change three specific molecules on a tank half a mile away.
  • Funky Ninja
  • As most mages, has strong mind with good detection abilities. Very hard to break. Will not touch mind-control abilities if his life depended upon in, but will knock people out, or blow their minds (same as killing, so rarely used, if ever)
  • Spell-caster


  • No physical strength
  • No strong physical structure
  • No Armor (T-shirt and slacks)
  • Can only heal when in a healing trance. (Unable to heal naturally)
  • Can't teleport (correctly)
  • Incredible speed and agility only when using Funky Ninja Skills. Otherwise, normal.
  • Magic and Standard Morphing inaccessable when using Funky Ninja Skills (the ability to jump into things has somehow integrated with the Skills)
  • Often fooling around, so will make mistakes (not so when using Skills).


Often jumps into things to travel. An interesting process in which he becomes what he is jumping into, and then travels through it in that form. This is unexplained, though some have theorized that he tranfers his spirit from one molecule to another, but if this were possible, why can't he simply transfer his consciousness into the object? Taking a ship and becoming it instead of becoming part of it. Or becoming an enemy's power suit and killing the enemy he encompasses. He cannot do, either, however. He can only jump into an object and travel through it, by mimicing its substance.

Can't teleport correctly. Ever. If he even arrives within a mile of the destination, it'll be in a place You Don't Want to Be. There are invariable comic result. So far, he hasn't teleported into something solid, but even if he did, he could simply turned into that substance and travel through it till he popped out of it. Dispite the fact that he has no mastered it, he continues to try, in hopes that one day he may, in fact, teleport correctly. It'll never happen.

Likes to kick up a flow of air and ride on it, like a surfboard or carpet, whichever.

Weaponry:Owns a mad hamster launcher with 10-hamster clips. Sometimes sets the mad hamsters on fire for added effect. Not often used.

Personality: A very amiable and cheerful person, it's very hard to anger him unless you try to hurt him for no good reason, or his loved ones for any reason. Generally likes to joke around and make witty/punny remarks. As such, he's only serious when he needs to be. Very intelligent, but it's not noticed because (like I said) he's rarely serious. Usually very generous; your all-around nice guy who tries to be friends with everyone he meets.

Morality: Holds the ideals of Chivalry very strongly, with bits of the Gentlemen's code mixed in. For him, there are no shades of grey. All is naught but a mixture of black and white, like grains of sand. Though to him, mercy is an intergral part of justice, as is compassion and aid. Really, he wouldn't be him without them. He'll heal anyone, including Evil personages, and if they're being wrongly hunted, hide them. He follows the philosophy of "Hate the sin, love the sinner." But, being a Christian, he cannot and will not ever allow evil deeds to pass unchallenged. You wanna do something Evil, he will do everything in his power to stop you. It's nothing personal, and in fact, he's usually sorry that it has to happen; if you cease your evil actions, he'll gladly stop opposing you.

Two things that will get his blood boiling, however, are rape and senseless murder. You do either, and he'll hunt you down like an animal.

Notes: There are currently 3 known copies of him, and one person who happens to look exactly like him. This one anomaly is unexplained, since the closest genetic link they have is 17 generations back. The known data on the 3 copies:

JET: Stands for Josh's Evil Twin. Everyone's got one. His exact opposite morally. Equal powers and flaws. Since he's evil, his sense of humor is twisted, and thus less recognizable, revealing his intelligence. The boardies just assume he's somehow smarter than Josh. Goes about conquering systems for the hell of it.

Josh of Lamont: Flawed BoardieBorg (methods as that of the Borg). Seeks to conquer the universe in the name of Maritza. Ironically, Loweko succeeded in doing exactly what J of L attempted in a warthread. The Board, interestingly enough, resisted J & L on (supposed) moral grounds, and soundly defeated him.

Josue (Nega-Joshlamont): Crossed over in the Nega-Boardies Warthread, Josue comes from a universe where magic is non-existant. He depends soley on his sharply honed Funky Ninja skills. Since the helping Joshlamont in the warthread, he and Josh parted ways. He is currenly freelancing, designing and selling new weapons and weapons systems. The Board is considering some of his wares, although they are unaware as to his true indentity. It's so easy to alter your appearance without altering your body.

Affiliation: He hangs around the Fleet because he wants to. He'll often go off traveling for the heck of in. Has traveled to nearly every place in the universe, and many outside the universe (mainly due to his erratic teleportation skills).

There... I think that's accurate. Any comments or suggestions, for those who know me?

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