Joshua Embarec

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the soldier

See also: [rpg.php?name=Benjamin+Embarec Benjamin Embarec]
Soldier. He can use any weapon, but he has no magic. Human. Blond hair and blue eyes, but he never shows his eyes by keeping his sunglasses on at ALL times. Litterally. There waterproof, so he even showers with them.

Equipment: Sunglasses, they have a zoom function that at full strength will let him see the bacteria on a flea on a horse's back up to a mile away. Night vision, both regular and thermal, Mild sonar, (very ineffective, but it still exists) and a little camera. Cannisters. They are sort of like grenades for his underslung launcher on the assault rifle mode for his LX-111. Black: Net. Grey: Smoke. White: a very strong flashbang. Green: Turns everything up to a mile away as dark as night, and unleashes a fog. Never used outside of PFF's. Red: Incindiary. Blue: Quick-freeze grenade. and finally... Rainbow. Creates the illussion of nothing being there for up to 10 seconds, normally just enough to get around a corner where he KNOWS an enemy is hiding.
Capsules: Hand-based "Grenades". Illusion, Incindiary, Freeze, Flak/shrapnel, high explosives, and Concussion (stun variation).

Weapons: LX-111. Made out a wierd liquid metal, it has inumerable mellee forms, and 5 ranged forms to date. It is upgradeable, but that is all they have created at the moment. It changes in a blink of an eye, but it only works for the person it is made for. (Joshua in this case) The metal is unbreakable, but it takes SERIOUS concentration to make it sharp enough to break/cut other metal weapons. Armor isn't much of a problem, as it can cover the blade with a small bit of laser-like energy. X-RD-003. Used only in PFF's where a MAJORLY over-powered weapon is required. It can instantly dissintigrate up to 20 square feet of pure admantium, or weaker metals/objects. Use with caution. X-RD-02. Rocket launcher, kind of like the X-RD series, but it fires a near-nuclear level rocket. No radiation though. Only to be used in PFF's. And finally, the NG-08. This beauty would make Margaret PSL. It is a combination machine gun/shotgun that can fire off 600 rounds per minute. Your only problem is keeping it's 200 round ammo belt fed, and holding it steady from all the kickback. It is not used in Warthreads on account of the fact that A) Joshua can not fire it properly without being knocked down after the 80'th round, and B) Joshua is afraid that someone will try to steal it and give it to Margaret.

Companion: Knight. Sentient cybernetic wolf/collie hybrid. It is rumored that it is related to Raiku, but from they way they go at it, I doubt it. (fighting you perverts, FIGHTING.) The cybernetics do not currently have any weapons, except for the paws which can create a small laser around them, increasing there cutting/slashing capabilities. That and his superior intelligence to almost all animals and a few humans. He is bassically just Joshua's computer, link to his superiors, and medical station all in one easy to get along with cyborg. He doesn't have any enemies, except for Raiku who made him NEED these cybornetic implants to survive. Almost all of his vital organs have been replaced, and most of his limbs.

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