Kaura Nighthawk

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FLEET Assistant Liaison Officer

Datafile: Personnel: Boardie: Class-2A FLEET combatant

Name: Kaura Nighthawk
Age: 16-25, depending on fic, warthread, poker game, drinking game, and/or
whether or not he accidentally spilled Potion of Quick Aging on himself again.

Physical Statistics: 17 years old (default): Height: 5'10.5"
Weight: 190
Characteristics: Slightly nerdy high schooler. Wears mostly dark apparel (black
shirt, dark blue jeans), and glasses (half-frame, autotinting lenses). Stock Northern Chinese. Medium build.

Other: +0.3 inch for every year after 16. No change after 18. -20 lbs for warthread, or other extraneous activities. Apparel changes to black slacks, shirt, and black, carbon nanotubular enhanced trenchcoat while on Board duty. Glasses removed due to magic-based eye enhancements when situation demands top notch physical shape. Looks weird without 'em.

Psyche report: Mental balance: Erratic
Reliability: Average (Martial arts discipline, FLEET doctrine has settled him
down- forcefully, at times) Warthread Level: Yellow (dramatic tendencies, and the occasional urge to get
Very Very Odd) Description: One of the newest of the FLEET officers, with all the packaging
such a position suggests. Has had fits of insubordination that were quickly- and efficiently, of course- dealt with. As since his inception into the Board, he has been an avid Warthreader, tied with HK as "Most Likely to be in a Warthread."

Other: Physical abilities: Master of Anything Goes Martial Arts form Practitioner of the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu Ki-channels as an alternate to magic-based attacks

Magic: Lv. 20 Sorcerer (temporary thirty level increase when applying "Ambience Vacuum" technique) Lv. 10 Psionic Lv. 18 Cardplayer (local Standard guru)

Misc: Darktek Industries President (Subsearch: Darktek: Private company- assets
includes countless star systems, colonies, and a privately owned space fleet)

Intentions: Official: "To accumulate wealth- what else?"
Er, OFFICIAL: As the Satanic threat Comicside and Hellside speaks volumes of just how... unfavorable the galactic market'll be if Satan gets his hands on it, and seeing as how he is Darktek's de facto leader, it has become the DIIA and DSF's official position that interference to Hellish designs and aid to those who would oppose it takes a high priority.

Update: The Darktek Space Force has reached near-full integration into FLEET's command structure, subordinate to the Strike Force. The manufacturing division is aiding with a full complement of ARAD PDS drones, slaved to FLEET ships.

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