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the coffee master

Name: Catherine Kay Kotters. Originally Katherine Kay Jefferson, but was adopted and changed the first initial to avoid confusion with a certain organization (wouldn't you? I would). But everyone just calls her Kay.

Appearance: Very pale complexion, despite being out in the sun so much. Brown hair that doesn't match her skin and so looks like a bad dye job but is natural. A bit taller than average, not skinny.

Powers: NO morphing, magic, psi, or techno-goodies. She is an anchor of normality in a weird universe. Well, almost. She is weird, but that goes under personality traits more than anything else.

Current status: Due to a very frustrating near-death experience involving a sewing machine, a laptop, and gastritis, Kay has temporarily, at least, sworn off of technology. After reading an article about traditional Spanish chocolatiers, she has decided to experiment with hand-grinding coffee and cocoa beans together for a new kind of morning experience. You may get her to put down the mortar and pestle (they're heavy, after all) and do some intelligence work for you, but she's semi-pacifist, so don't expect her to pack an arsenal and sow carnage (you've got enough for that anyway). She also likes felines, and has three cats named Chocolate, Vanilla (no relation), and Cinnamon. They also do not have any morph/magic/psi/etc. They are "just" cats. (Sheesh, you'd think that'd be enough for anyone, wouldn't you...I wish I were just a cat...)

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