Kum-El Staranos

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  • Player: Kum-El
  • Name: Kum-El Staranos ben Ali
  • Species or Race: Adonarite raised Kryptonian
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 5'9"
  • Hair color: Brown
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Occupation: Combat trainer and part time New Republic Intelligence agent
  • Alignment: New Republic, Light Side of the Force
  • Strengths: The same as KE's, with the addition of what is easiest described as a Force Spirit named Eranhu
  • Weaknesses: Same as KE's, strong phobia of thunderstorms
  • Special Powers and Skills: He's a good shot with a blaster, has training with several melee weapons, and can pilot most starfighters
  • Weaponry: A bonded knife made of tahven (will not cut him), blaster (DL-44, same as Han), Sword of Eranhu
  • Equipment: R2 unit 'Wokaneh'
  • Ship: X-wing, currently
  • Friends: Bry Garr, Kum-El, Mike Kent
  • Likes: His wife Tara, relaxing with friends, a good sparring match
  • Dislikes: Dark Siders, Pokegrems, red kryptonite


  • Staranos's personality is similar to that of the better known Kum-El, with a few slight exceptions. The biggest of these is that, while he doesn't like to have to resort to it, he's much more at ease with the use of lethal force than his counterpart.
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