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the weapon summoner

(any/all Warthreads/PFFs)

Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 200 lbs
Hair: Short, blonde & spiky
Eyes: Blue

Special Abilities: Stealth, Weapon-Summoning, Mad H4xx0r Skillz, Basic Weaponry

Strengths: Intelligent, agile, strong

Weaknesses: Low damage threshold, Vulnerable to psionics

Laserlips' profile ends here. Now on the bonus section...

We could probably define a set of skills like this. Here are a few ideas that seem to cover a lot of the Board's preferred armament:


Stealth Weapon-Summoning Swordplay Gunplay Elemental Magic Psionics Arcane Magic Other Magic Piloting (space) Piloting (Gundam) Piloting (other) Weaponry (Basic) Weaponry (Advanced) Hammerspace H4xx0r skillz (basic) H4xx0r skillz (mad) Cuteness (pretty) Cuteness (Kawaii!!) Godhood (Celtic) Godhood (Squirrels) Godhood (other) Ladle-thwapping


Intelligent Agile Strong Big Small Magic resistant Gun resistant Melee resistant Psionic resistant Cute High damage threshold


Short Vulnerable to Guns Vulnerable to Magic Vulnerable to Melee Vulnerable to Psionics Ugly (But really, who'd pick *that* one?) Low damage threshold Slow Weak Clumsy Inability to write good accents

Anybody have any other ideas? Or just want to tell me my ideas suck? But I think that they're good. Every Boardie could pick from an expanded/modified set of skills, strengths, and weaknesses. That way everyone is (relatively) balanced, and godmoding would be kept down at least a little. I hope.

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