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the ancient sorcerer

Appearance: Darkly pharaoh-like with all too much black clothing: Black suit including black shirt and tie. See my sig for facial details.
Description: A wierd sorcerer, who at least claims to be immortal, though there has been no evidence on the matter. When asked he says, that he can't remember how old he is due his age. He's quite powerful but avoids using his magic as long as possible, rather not revealing his true capabilities. He has some telepathical and quite a lot telekinetical powers, as well as limited control over elements (creating whirlwinds, rising earth to a wall, etc.). What he doesn't hide at all and uses quite often is his ability to change into a cloud of mist and travel great distances with great speed by stepping into a mist-cloud and getting out from another, as well as manipulate any normal mist present.
Personality: Cynical, mischievous and cunning. He has somewhat strange sense of humour that may cause him troubles every now and then. He's not much of a fighter, rather staying in the backround, but if neccasary he's capable of defending himself. He doesn't care much of state of world (or much else, on that matter) and usually lets things go their course without interfering. He can do pretty good Hannibal Lecter imitation. :)
Equipement: Not much to speak of. Whenever he needs something, he'll make sure he's going to get it. Otherwise he avoids carrying stuff with him. Sometimes he can be spotted with the usual props of a sorcerer (staff, scimitar, robe etc.) but usually he doesn't bother with them.
Weaknesses: He doesn't like modern weapons and avoids both using them and getting someone using one or more against him even more than what he concideres a common fight. Modern technology in general sometimes confuses him, though he certainly can move pointer on the screen and click.

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